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Saturday 15/06/2019. The draw in the first round of the Copa America held in Porto Alegre was dominated by a draw against Peru and Venezuela. In the seventh minute, Christopher Gonzalez managed to score Peru's first goal but the referee decided to cancel it after the intervention of the video clip. Venezuela had a chance in the 21st minute with a powerful shot from Rondón but the Peruvian defense kept it out of the way. In the second half, Peru were in the lead and Jefferson Farfan scored another goal but the video technique intervened and blocked Peru's goal in the 64th minute. Del Pino was sent off in the 75th minute to form Venezuela with 10 men to make it 1-0 at the top of the standings. Brazil are in first place with three points, then Peru and Venezuela in the second round of the third consecutive match with Panama Boliviara without any point.

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