What the Problem With Dlike?

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I've been using Dlike a lot to share some news here on my Steemit blog, through the SPORTS and others tribes platforms in Steem Engine. I see Dlike as a great tool for sharing news transparently and directly. In it we can also weave our comments on the news and bring our followers to the discussion.

What Dlike does is similar to what we see on Facebook when we want to share with our friends some news that interests us.

But as always, here at Steemit everything is cause for conflict. Here we deal with a combination of forces that can be destructive in any society: Power and Influence. When we give these two things to a human being or when a society is based on these two forces, chaos, fights will be frequent, and now, what I see lately here at Steemit is yet another example of how these forces act against Dlike users.

I see reports of users having their content shared through Dlike being flagged. It is true that many uses this tool mistakenly , in breach of the application guidelines, but the fact that a user shares some news, giving it their reference source, can in no way be considered as plagiarism or spam.

Steemit, whether some people may like it or not, is a social network and Dlike is playing its part in fulfilling this social function of Steemit. I believe that Dlike should rather tighten its rules and be more vigilant about the content posted by its users.

I believe that in Steem we have other priorities and those that have a lot of influence and power in Steem should concentrate their forces in order to fix many other problems that plague our platform. For example: The price of Steem.

Steem is "dying" in the market, the price of our coin is no more than $0.20. Why not join forces making Steem price stable in the market? Steem at a stable price will cheer up our community, bring more investment, and we would all win.

Think about it, and please my friends:

Let's stop meaningless pursuits that do not contribute to the good coexistence and harmony in this ecosystem!

What the problem with Dlike?

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I have been on dlike from its beginning although after a few months I didn't engage with it much because I found it really chaotic with a lot of abusive behaviors. Then about a few months ago when I checked again I found the platform much improved and started to engage with them again. The dlike team has been putting in place new features at regular intervals and are continuing to do so. Meanwhile they slagged in enforcing their rules, which has caused all these complaints.

Personally I think dlike could have enforced the rules in a more humane manner by giving warnings say twice and then taking punitive action on third time offenders only. That way they could have reined in the offenders in a compassionate manner. There are many on dlike who are likely to be just trying to find a source of earning, which probably makes a lot of difference to them.


Agreed 100% Thanks for your comment.👍🙏

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You raised a very good point.. Stalking users by running a background check just to accuse them of "circle voting" or trying to control how others should use their SP will only create unnecessary conflicts and will bring us to a standstill.

I don't have any problem with anybody on the platform. It's their stake, they bought it with their money and can use it to vote whoever they like, as long as they're not using it to promote abuse

In fact, I don't have problem with anyone creating Dlike or Actifit posts, the only people I have problem with are actually those creating tons of these posts at regular intervals


I have been at Steem for 3 years and I believe Steemit is "the platform of freedom". When this freedom is threatened by people who want to regulate or ban something at their pleasure, here we have a problem.

I believe that Steem in the next hard forks should develop a filter that could end or prevent abuse without users having to create unnecessary conflicts.

Here at Steemit are many authors who produce high quality content using Dlike and Actifict. Putting these people "in the same bag" with spammers and flag them is not a smart decision.


The thing is, policing people around will not take us anywhere. It will only chase people away just the way it happened on Scorum.

It marks the beginning of problems when we begin to make a big deal out of word count, spelling errors or punctuations, and those who only vote their own circles

I remember someone snooping into my account, asking me if I want to farm with my alt account which I bought some stakes into, and I'm like "is it a crime again if I have loads of SP delegated to my alts account for my maximum rewards?


The problem I have is with the abusers.I have no problem with dlike as such but they need to make sure users abide by the rules they set out. This is clearly not happening and feel sorry for the users who use dlike correctly. Unfortunately users see this app as an easy way to milk the system and it is being stopped right now.

yeah. a lot of steemians banned by steemcleaners due to using dlike


I think we have other priorities in Steem. Stalking users only generates unnecessary conflicts. We do not need it.

So you think its OK if account farms simply farm rewards without any care as to the community or other users by simply spamming the first links they find and adding zero value to someone elses work?

Nothing wwrong with Dlike, just a number of the users who simply refuse to adhereto posting guidlines.

I have a competition running right now in support of Dlike....how many have entered? NONE

Thats because no one wants to make any effort, just get something for nothing, and THATS what's wrong with @dlike and many of the users.

I have supported them and been a user since the beginning and it's sad they don't care.


I'm in Steem make more than 3 years and I never believed in the concept of "community" that some people says here...simply this term in practice don't exist in Steem.

I believe that how I said in my posts : Dlike should moderate more the content posted in his platform.

Thanks for coming.

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I'm in Steem make more than 3 years and I never believed in the concept of "community" that some people says here...simply this term in practice don't exist in Steem.

LOL, You're right, although it should!

The users that stick to the guide lines are fine. The problem I have with dlike is that they are not moderating it correctly and the site is being abused. This creates problems as the community now needs to step in and get rid of these abusers. These users don't care about anyone but themselves and the sooner they are removed the better.


Use your revolt to pump the Steem price in the market. Abusers have in all the ecosystems that you work with money, power and influence. Dlike should moderate, that's truth, but, we don't have to put in the same bag all the Dlike users, because, there are users that post high quality content.

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