Green Tip: Halloween Candy & Decorating - Indigenous New England

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In this article posted on the website, we are reminded that Halloween can be downright toxic in the United States. 

The Article however, is not scary and grim. It is lighthearted and gives lots of great ideas on how to celebrate, decorate, have fun, and be green. 

Mostly we are asked to stay away from disposable decorations which end up on landfills and waterways. 

Do you celebrate Halloween? What materials do you use to decorate?

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Children really enjoy Halloween. We do not celebrate this because it is not our Muslim cultures but we have some various documentaries, movies or Halloween episodes of TV series where people really enjoy this event.
Do most of the celebrators use pumpkins as their costumes? Because every year, following Halloween, millions of pumpkins are wasted


The pumpkins are used to decorate homes and are biodegradable AND edible.

The seeds can be dried and keep for years, the pulp can be eaten, and the gourds can be reused.

The reason they get wasted is because we live in a consumerist society where we overgrow and overdo in order to make a profit. That's the only way to buy the pumpkin for 2.99USD at Trader Joe's.

Also, people and stores are irresponsible with the pumpkins - they should not be wasted, they are food.

Thank you for your comment, my kids looooooove halloween and I dislike all the candy wrappers all over my house for days after.