SDSU Alumnus Strasburg Wins World Series MVP | NewsCenter | SDSU


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The expos have won their first championship. It is their first in their 51 year existence. 

Even more amazing is that SDSU Alumnus Stephen Strasburg was named MVP. 

Looks like SDSU is becoming more of a "real" sports school. I was very excited back in the day when Tony Gwynn joined the baseball team as a coach, but still, sports weren't the big call at SDSU. Most people were there because of the weather. 

I was there because of the proximity to my home, being able to go to college while living rent free with my parents afforded me a student loan free existence. 

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I really don't know much about this sport, that's why my comment is only limited to wishing you a happy weekend.


Thank you! I’m not much of a sports fan either but the County I live in, San Diego, has its own tribe SAND and sometimes I share local news on there.

I hope you have a great weekend as well 💕