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9.18 is the first major patch that does not have a minor patch in between. Players are really starting to understand the different facets of the game and the meta feels like it’s in a good place with many viable comps. Last patch saw a lot of void assassins and shapeshifters dominate, but comps like rangers are solid and flexible enough to get you wins.

There really isn’t a big shift in the comps this patch, but oing into this new patch here are the major changes :

Item changes mean that you will have to know what the best way to build your comps based on the huge variety of items you are getting. On the plus side, it will be easier for you to find specific champs due to the addition of Neeko’s Help, which lets you clone a unit.
Luckily we have you covered. Check out our sweet infographics on how to build comps around items!
Evelynn is taking a few hits which should make the solo carry 1v9 Eve comps lose some value.
Pantheon won’t be tossed into every comp now that he has been nerfed in the base value department, but you will still see him in fitting comps like Dragon Sorcs and The Meatiest Wall.
Wild is seeing a buff (again). Wild’s biggest problem was the the 4 synergy buff did nothing for the wild carry, so most people avoided it. However, this time the original wild carry gets a free RFC along with the rest of the comp. People will definitely be building wild buffed comps, regardless of whether they work or not.
Your gameplan probably won’t change much. With new item changes and new leveling curves, you might feel unfamiliar running your favorites, but rest assured they do work!
There aren’t that many new comps appearing this week, but there are refinements to the old ones we will go over. Make sure you stay up to date with our TFT team comp site.

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