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  • Karthus has lost his spot as the main carry for sorcerer builds. With ASol providing great damage and the possibility for dragon passive, Karthus has fallen by the wayside. Even still a level 2 Karthus can still be very strong and provide phantom buff for certain builds. As such he is moving down to A.
  • Akali had been a problem all throughout patch 9.19 and has taken slight hits to her team and herself. Even still, she is a powerhouse that does insane damage and we will finally move her up to an S.
  • Yasuo follows a similar pattern to Karthus. While he is extremely powerful, he is no longer game-changing and blademasters are often left aside in the meta. While he is still a very strong unit, he is still limited and will be moving down to A.
  • Pantheon is the new flavor of the week. With guardians receiving a buff, Pantheon will be a powerhouse in any team that uses guardians, and he also provides dragon synergy for ASol or Shyvana.

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