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Our group adores Magic the Gathering so we needed to make a manual for make your life simpler in case you're originating from MTG.  

In this guide, we'll spread all the major ongoing interaction contrasts and mechanics, how LoR locales contrast with enchantment hues and the sky is the limit from there! We'll be beginning with the shading mixes and will examine other game mechanics beneath.  

Try to visit our site to investigate all cards or utilize our deck developer!  

Card Draw  

Beginning hand is littler.  

You start with 4 cards rather than 7. In any case, you draw a card EVERY ROUND which is 2x the pace of MTG.  

It's not as significant  

The mix of expanded characteristic card draw, a deck size of 40, and you don't need to draw your mana. Card draw isn't as significant in Legends of Runeterra for what it's worth in MTG since you draw so regularly.  

The Mana System  

You don't need to draw and play mana. In Legends of Runeterra, you gain mana latently every round. Any abundance mana that you don't use toward the finish of the round gets put away and can be utilized later.  

You can put away to 3 overabundance mana and put away mana must be utilized to cast spells, not units.  

How Turns and Rounds Work  

Turns are entirely different in Legends of Runeterra contrasted with MTG (see the infographic underneath). You don't recover mana or draw cards on another turn.  

When you make a move, which is settling a spell or playing an animal, your turn closes. After two players pass their turn without taking any activities, the round closures.  

You recapture mana and draw a card toward the start of each ROUND. Toward the start of your round, you get the opportunity to take the main turn and get an Attack Token. The Attack Token methods you can proclaim assailants to start battle.  

On the off chance that you end the round without utilizing your Attack Token, at that point you lose it. Not at all like MTG, units don't recover their wellbeing toward the finish of a turn or round (except if they have a watchword called Regeneration). Harm taken is changeless except if wellbeing is reestablished by another source or a unit's wellbeing is buffed.  


When a player announces their assaulting units, battle starts. Like MTG, you can't play units during battle.  

Legends of Runeterra has protector's decision simply like MTG. The assaulting player proclaims its assaulting units to hit face and the safeguard gets the opportunity to pick which units to square and with what.  

In any case, the alternative to hinder a solitary assailant with various animals is no more. You can just square a unit with a solitary blocker.

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