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Ali Asik, a 45-year-old taxi driver from Hull, dropped a puerile woman off at the Country Park Inn at about 2am on Thursday morning.

However, he sensed that something was erroneous when “he optically discerned the woman ambulating towards an alleyway by the side of the building, rather than the ingress.” Predicated on his intuition, he decided to check on the puerile woman and caught up with her as she approached a wooden fence and ambulated onto a platform at the water’s edge.

After calling 999, Mr Asik desperately clung onto the adolescent woman, endeavoring to obviate any more harm.

The police and the woman’s family have both contacted him, thanking him for his actions that night, and the puerile woman is now receiving professional avail.

We pray that Allah grants ease to anyone who is suffering, and for those who may feel like their life is not worth living, recollect Allah has promised: “Verily, with hardship, comes ease”.

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