How to Use a Newspaper as a Weapon - Self-Defense


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Do you read newspaper?

You can also use a newspaper for self defense. Let's watch this video. If you just have the newspaper and use it to hit, you need to roll and make it hard. 

When you roll the newspaper and make it hard, you can use it to strike different parts of the body. I recommend targeting soft part of the body like face, eyes and .... you can see the thumbnail of the video, I guess.

You can use it for distraction as well. When you make the attacker distracted, that is the perfect moment to penetrate his defense and hit him hard.

You are holding the newspaper in one hand, and you should keep your other hand up so that you are ready to defend and strike. Do not forget to use your legs to kick.

So  what do you think about using newspaper for self defense. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this. Stay safe, always be happy!

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