12th Steemgigs Talk Show - The Recording

2년 전


I am perched on steem and i found moon.

I was there during the 12th Steemgigs Talk Show, I was listening while washing my clothes:-)
My phone was inside the house that's why I was silent at the general chat, right after washing my clothes I still listened to the After Part, the last part I remember was the "Calbo" then I fell asleep, haha.
The recording software was still On but got disconnected on the Voice Channel around 5:10:10 on the video, you can skip until 7:11:06 part, that was when I woke up and noticed I got disconnected :-)
I will wait for Sir @ishanvirtue's video, I hope he got those parts where I got disconnected.

I hope you enjoy listening to the 12th Steemgigs Talk Show :-)

My video is at DLive

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Success for you sir


Thank you my friend:-)

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this is great sir, I'm also busy on that making my entry for a drawing contest. hmmmm to be honest I have the full 10 hours recording the sad is it was just a Audio Recording because I do some things on my screen for my drawing. HAHAHAHAH but yeah this is nice recording sir @atongis Kudos.


haha busy pala sya 😁
atleast buo ung audio
abangan ko n lang😊

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