Gaming With Axios! Road To Legendary

2년 전


Hello everyone! Today I'm starting at rank 4 and my goal is to hit legend within the next few days!

My live stream is at DLive

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Welcome back @axios!
Many of us out here in the Steemiverse have missed you 😍
As the knowledgeable Steemian that you are, would you please re-post your guidance on how to upload videos from an iPhone to dTube?
Your previous post on this was fantastic, another post on this would certainly benefit your followers (especially me!)
Thanks @axios!!!

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Hello! I'd like to borrow/rent your SP while you're away :) I've been on Steemit for a year now, but gaining SP is very slow and hard.

• I upvote and resteem lots of great content on Steemit, mostly art related as that is my main strength. I will continue curating as always, but on a bigger scale.
• I've held a variety of contests, bringing community together. I currently host fun random weekly contest for which I hope to increase the rewards.
• I market myself by rewarding my followers, instead of buying any votes.
• I will never self upvote more than once per day.

Here is the delegation link in case you decide to delegate
I hope to see you back on Steemit again :D

Thank you for you time and have a great day!