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The best moment in your life is those moments when you start a new journey but not alone rather with someone you entrust your life.

I want to share my 38th ULOG. Today I remember the moment I was married to the man of my dreams. That's why I scan all our wedding photos and watched our wedding video. Let me share to you our official wedding video taken three years ago.

Indeed marriage is about commitment Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that putatively lasts.

It was an ultimate throwback when I saw our wedding video. I can't believe we surpassed 3 years without any serious fights.
But our marriage spiced up with many challenges, criticism, even judgment with a lot of people. I've encountered a lot of questions but the most irritating question is “When Will You Have a Baby?" Seriously, I want to answer them this “I’m actually in therapy to figure out why do you care? It’s painful, but I would love to invite you to the next session if it’s that important to you.” I'm so tired of listening to the same question all over again. Some people love jumping to conclusions. They're not used to get to know your situation first before asking some offensive questions. I know I'm not getting any younger but I have faith in God.

My God is a God that surely provides. I know his plans are better than my plans. That's why I don't even dare to ask him why I'm not getting a baby because he wants me to enjoy and be contented with what he has given me this time.

I may get irritating questions but no matter how I answer the question, people are going to have their opinions.

Anyways, sorry for inserting negative vibes here. I'm just too emotional hearing those painful questions.
So today I've decided to share with you my perspective about marriage. I got married for three years now and here are some love tips for you.

It always amazing to hear a story of something they describe as forever. Yet married life isn't a walk in the park. Many people would describe married life as difficult. Yes, I agree, but its always worth the effort, the time, sacrifices and everything you offer for it to work out. Having married for 3 years now, made me realize that marriage isn't something you get but its always something you do. Its always requires "WORK". You need to give up some things for someone. You even need to eat your tasteless pride.

In order for you to surpass all forms of trials in marriage. You should always remember to communicate.
Communicating is one of the best rules a married couple should have. It is an act of conveying love into a relationship.
Express what you feel, say everything you want. Appreciate your spouse. Love her with all your might. Most importantly, Let GOD be the center of your relationship.

I got you here 15 pieces of marriage advice that I wrote down a while ago.

  1. Let GOD be the center of your marriage. Prayer is the key. Just pray wherever you are. God sees the desire of your heart.
  2. You are two but one. You have to be united.
  3. Selfishness has no space in this matter.
  4. Empower each other.
  5. RESPECT is one of the ingredients of a successful marriage.
  6. Compromise is needed.
  7. Be sensitive to your partner feelings and needs.
  8. Be understanding ALWAYS.
  9. Secret and lies kill a marriage. It should be avoided.
  10. Faithfulness is a must.
  11. Correct the one who commits mistakes.
  12. Forgive and Forget
  13. Allow your spouse to have his/her own time.
  14. Be proud of your spouse.
  15. Always say the magic word.

Love is hardly perfect. You have to work at it. Choose to stay with your spouse for all the things that he had done right. Don't leave him for the one thing he had done wrong.
Because love is always ready to excuse, to trust, to persevere, to hope, to fight, to stay away from temptations and to endure whatever comes. We always have a choice and we can always choose what is right.

There you have it guys, I hope you enjoy watching our wedding video and thank you for reading my thoughts about MARRIAGE.

Love lots,

My video is at DLive

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I am just married person. Thank you for giving some good advice i will try to implement in my life. Thnx and nice post.


That's good to hear sir!😊
Just love your wife for you to have a happy life..


Thnx and same to you . Have a happy life

How are you doing

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I'm greatly doing good.. thanks for asking,

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Thank you so much sir.

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