[dlive] Thoughts moving Forward

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With the crypto scene trading sideways, I took the liberty to check out two conferences - Nifty and Hybrid Summit. After attending both, I wanted to take the time to reflect on recent developments such as the presence of more funds, more hustle and uncertainty moving forward.

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I'm not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.

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Crypto bear trend continues. Perhaps until we get a big news regarding ETF.


let's look forward

Thanks for the post, Welcome back.

I look forward to hearing what you have been able to gather from the gaming space as I know a lot of projects are in development.

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you're welcome and I hope you can learn more knowledge from my post

the only way to pump the market is that we all should be positive about future of crypto .


you're right

When we are going to see an end to this uncertainty and a start to the upward trend?

Since we are still in a downtrens market the best thing to do is read into most projects and monitor their progress regarding their roadmap. The days of ICO being shot to the moon are over as now actual execution will only be rewarded so that is a tough space. However, there will continue to be opportunities if you look carefully.

Thanks for sharing your views and opinions keep up the good work.


thank you

The market is down again and that is valuable post.
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followed your blog.

i think ETF will be accepted on 10th August and then market can move up.

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yeah all of these platforms are pretty good

when a bad news or negative news spreads about cryto then we should not be panic and keep patience so that we can see a great stability in market.

great work by you keep it up !!


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Your crypto analysis is very helpful. Your valuable analysis enhances our crypto knowledge. We learn more about it as it's our future.

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you're welcome

Yes totally gain knowledge from your video but this time any crypto just very low but I know that I am sure recently this crypto overcome this situation..so thanks for sharing this post sir..

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You always make me feel better about the markets! Love your way of thinking. Keep it up dude!


thank you

good to have u go true all thes BS to find the "better one"
like the 100x a whis a was there, but as a space in general is a good thing. a feel its ned to be stable.

binance Exchange world best exchange. i am use this exchange and cryptocurrency future is bright.

its so much bs in the space. but if it slowing dovn a think the man in the street is going to be more aksepting of it. like my brother ho is seeng the 20-50% upp and down and newer going to enter the space but if like say its more on the 10% maby he will.

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But all currencies are in a big drop condition my friend

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you're welcome

Hey @boxmining Good thinking in cryptocurrency.
I just want to tell you that the fruits of patience are always sweet so if you get high in the cryptocurrency value then you must be patient.


thank you for your suggestion

Hi, my good friend. What you say is very true but everything leaves me in the expectation although I always follow your advice.

Hi, my good friend. What you say is very true but everything leaves me in the expectation although I always follow your advice.

Now Dlive and steemit is a my best friend.

thanks for enjoyable video,@ boxmining