Daily- $8000 Bitcoin Surge - Liquidated shorts or ETF hype

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We saw another strong push for the price of Bitcoin, surging past $8000 and sending alert notifications and newsletters to every mailbox. Is this the because of liquidated shorts or the upcoming ETF hype
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1:00 $8000 Bitcoin.. but what about alts
3:20 Short Squeeze Theory https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/07/20/230-million-cleared-on-bitmex-amidst-bitcoin-recovery-short-squeeze-likely/
5:02 Bitcoin ETF and what that means https://cryptoslate.com/bitcoin-etf-comments-submitted-to-sec-overwhelmingly-positive/
7:40 Binance Pushes to South Korea http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=23860
8:00 China's Vaccine Scandal and how Blockchain can fix it http://time.com/5345677/china-rabies-vaccine-changsheng-outcry/

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I think next month this price will 10000+


I'm not sure


BAN BTC Futures and ETF's which are tools to manipulate the markets.

finally its going back up!

Really wonderful information
I hope that currencies will rise in the coming days


thank u most people hope the price go up as quick as possible

For sure, we can see the chart of Bitcoin rising in the coming days!!!


I believe the part of your sentence is not an opinion but a desire. I mean the "For sure" part. :)

Objectivity is essential.


Hmmm.. you can take it in both ways..
My desire also and my opinion also!

While I agree that the recent rise in Bitcoin price is due to some positive sentiment related to the expectation of an ETF approval, I think that the seller have also been reduced significantly as they have led the price action since January. However, we need to be reminded that price gets a bid when participants expect news just to sell-off when it is actually announced. We have seen this recently with the EOS mainnet launch...

I'm so glad to see you creating valuable content on Steemit and Dlive!

Thanks for your contribution to Steem ecosystem @boxmining !!


thank u

Thank You Sir for Sharing this Information.
You are really Doing awsome work by making us aware about the crypto newses.
These are one of the most important aspects which Pumped the bitcoin Price.
Thanks @boxmining


you're welcome

nice information my dear friend!!!


thank you

Its BITCOINS yard now.

Probably we are going to witness another bounce-back in the cryptoworld.

Btc to the Moon 🌒 Lets enjoy the ride.

BITCOIN The United States SEC postpones the NYSE Arca’s Bitcoin EFT proposal decision

its really great news for all crypto lovers finally bitcoin is back in power.


it's a good news for all crypto lovers

@boxmining Bitcoin is mostly increasing because of ETF news only. at this time all over world ETF news is going on between the people. and that's why people have started showing interest again. but we all are here from earlier only . by the way nice information provided.

Hope that we reach the 8k this year


Did you mean 80K?


no I mean 8k not 80k

The immediate increases in prices seen in BTC are probably an impact of these short squeezes but the initial demand causing the increase is probably due to fundamentals.

Money is switching from altcoins to bitcoins - BTC Dominance is increasing. It will be fun to see the atlcoin run next!

Great information! :)

I think the up votes on your videos is a leading indicator.


thanks for your upvote

Such a great news for all btc investors.
I hope btc will not stop now.


we hope so

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