Is Crypto like a Video Game?

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Do you feel like a Level 70 Cryptocurrency master or a level 5 novice? Learning about Crypto ain't easy and there are many mistakes to be made - but one thing is for sure - its hella fun!

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Definitely feels like we are gaining XP as we learn the in and outs of the crypto space. From wallets to exchanges, there is much to learn!

Game :D then i guess everyone loss score in game


everyone ?

I am a totally game lover
Mostly love to play fighting games as well as racing.
Due to this step it will move on to the next level.
Apart from that my friends ignoring the crypto. But after 5 years they will cry.
Lovely work
Keep posting


thanks for your Upvote


It's my pleasure

@boxmining I think Game with Crypto it will be take game to next level

I also love cryptocurrency , and it is also part of the reason for being on steemit... I wonder why some folks are still ignorant of the trends going on in the crypto world, it amuses me...
How come you have more than 5 tags sir? wondering about that too! lol


its submitted with dlive. for some reason its possible


I leveled up pretty fast xD i think i even skipped some levels, I've never fallen for a scam, got my ledger nano s as soon as i started on crypto, went to good projects like VeChain and Ethereum pretty fast, and i'm right now looking at enjin...

Since i started putting money on crypto when the bear market started i learned quite a few things about predicting where the bottom is... I actually thought at the begginign that price wouldn't drop from 14k... i was so wrong!!!

I don't understand why people don't come and join STEEM more, it's a great place to make crypto, and it can make you lose less on a bear market since you have an extra source of revenue!

Never got into an ICO because a large part of them is going to fail like you said... I would rather "play it safe"... Slow and steady wins long-term

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Without a doubt

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