Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

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With Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies becoming valuable, keeping your bitcoin safe is vital. There are even more Hackers now looking to steal Bitcoin. Here are the top 5 security tips to keep your Bitcoin safe!
0:30 Knowledge is Power
2:51 Paper Wallet / Hardware Wallet
4:38 Exchanges aren’t trust-less
5:38 Don’t tell people how much Bitcoin you have
6:35 SMS 2FA isn’t bulletproof
7:49 Use blockchain explorer (bitcoin) / ethscan (ethereum, erc20 token) instead of logging in

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What if the ETF will be approved. Buying this ETF should be as safe as the other stocks in your broker? (and you don't hold them by yourself)

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@boxmining this topic you selected is very much good and important for people. As keeping Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency safe is also a very big task. we have to be very much safe for keeping safe. so this video was much needed on this topic.


the most important thing is to keep our wallet safe .

Holding my bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies tight and I hope will get a good reward.


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yes the first thing a did was to get a ledger. so so inporten, this info is so inporten good on the way of checking ur funds without entering ur wallet.

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An additional tip is to be very careful of phishing schemes via email and social networks in general. Always ensure by double and triple checking the site you are using to provide personal information. Remember, that if something feels weird, step back and reconsider. Things that seem to good to be true probably are.

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some people's are using small chips to store the keys of bitcoin wallets or crypto wallets.

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Exchanges continue to be the wild west in most cases. Lokking towards using decentralized exchanges are a more secure option.

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This may be the biggest issue in the crypto world. How far away is biometric 2fa or wallets that use secure identity Dapps? I wish someone would spend some time to simplify the EOS discussion. What wallets are good? What wallets are coming?

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