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Thank you Arlyn for taking the time to chat! I'm excited to see what's to come from Block in the next year! For those interested in checking out the project see the links below, and as always thank for the support guys!


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My video is at DLive

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nice job ! i will check this

Great job.

is this same like dmania?

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Thanks for upvoting my content as well :) It`s a motivation to do a better stuff!

nice post, thanks for sharing!

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Great video. I watched the you tube version. Would like to hear more about Komodo barterdex.


I'll have to look into it, I know just surface info about it.

Very professional interviewing, well done.

Nice post, check this...

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Good share. Very need @brand

Learnt about this through your discord channel. Nice work.

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Salam stemit

Wonderfull post...Thanks for share

Wonderfull ;)

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good job..I hope that dtube help us.upload by video....I.really.like.your.post

Hello, dear friend! Keep up the good work! I am truly grateful to you for visiting my page. I hope for our further cooperation and friendship. Good luck! Wishing you the best of success. @princesaleem

Nice post!

i love to see your work

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loved the project, wish you luck

Hoping it's uploaded to LBRY next :)


Its already on LBRY!

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Everyone is jumping on Dlive already. @jerrybanfield gave me the heads up about it. You got my resteem.

Good too. Your posting.



YOURE WELCOME!!!! lol :)


You upvoted one of my streams, I don't if it had power, but I thought I would stop by and say thank you...cutie :P