[GIVEAWAY] The Cali Show (Sept. 10th) Dlive24Hour + DC3 + Dunite

3년 전


High there Peoples!
Come join the stream tonight as we giveaway some of our SBD to participating viewers!

For a chance to win:

  1. Follow @calimeatwagon on Steemit
  2. Upvote the stream/post that is for the giveway
  3. Watch the stream for the keyword and leave it in the comments.
    Doing all three gives you a chance to be picked to win, unless you won on the previous giveaway.*

The winners will be announced 5 days from date of this giveaway.

*There is an additional chance to win. Pay attention to the stream, or ask in the live chat to find out how.

My live stream is at DLive

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You said that you would like to get more viewers. Well it is quite difficult during these times when the whole market is struggling. There is a clear correlation between STEEM price and Steemit activity. Inevitably fewer people will use Dlive. If you keep doing these streams, I think the viewership will go up naturally over time as the price goes up.

But usually what I've seen from streamers with lots of viewers are regular collaborations with other streamers.
Also big voting power & more upvotes. Sadly, no amount of work/quality is as efficient as this.

#feedback Love how you talk about things and listen and try to understand others opinions instead of just shutting them down. Means alot to me :)

#feedback, maaaaaaan i have no suggestions your stuff is always fire!

Welcome to the stream Peoples! (steemit)

#feedback I like that you can smoke more than bob marley.

#feedback I like that you also think about supposedly unimportant things. well maybe it's the dope.

#feedback Hello @calimeatwagon !! Have a nice stream !! :)

#feedback hey dude have a nice stream

#feedback : Always have fun first. Thanks for the streams Cali!

#feedback have a fun all ! :)

#feedback I dig how continuously you entertain your chat, and engage with discussions and topics, not stopping to play and executing missions. Also I like the idea how you made your chat to be read for you, which i will try to adopt in my stream, as usually it distracts from the game, and can cost you a mission.

Artakush grabs joystick in the bush...

#feedback have a nice stream today ;)

#feedback maybe i will win.

#feedback time is ticking ^^

#feedback glory and... win of course hah:D

#feedback nice giveaways cali thank you for that !:)

#feedback , Who gonna win this time? @calimeatwagon thank You for this giveaway!

#feedback its my destiny to win thisXD

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