[DLive24Hour][Chanse's Excellent Gaming!] - SUNDAY TRASH STREAM

3년 전


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WELCOME TO CHANSE'S EXCELLENT GAMING! The best stream for wasting time and space on the blockchain. I listen to music from the Monstercat playlist while streaming. The music is intentionally much quieter than the microphone audio so please feel free to put your own favorite music on over it while tuning in. Streams are always best with some jams. ♫
I'm playing multiple games tonight! If you'd like to join in, please do! I am on Discord and welcome the company!
Check out the following DLive Communities!
@dlive24hour - discord.me/dlive24hour
@dunite - discord.gg/b46WJ9a
@dliverewards - https://discordapp.com/invite/a8UbpWB
@dlivecommunity - https://discord.gg/fn2GYq4
Wednesday - 3PM ET / 12PM PT
Friday - 9PM ET / 6PM PT
Sunday - 9PM ET / 6PM PT
I may stream in addition to the times listed above.

My live stream is at DLive

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they are scared to be in the swamp !shrek

for the soda!




is work more than 78 cs?

Are you listening to @drkent ? :D That banjo action is pumpin' up!


heya, just finished our event


dude did he say it? It buffered for a sec :(


im quite impressed

I guess he's been busy lately. He still releases songs on d sound and all that as far as I know. Ok gotta go hunt some hunters.

Hunt is really a bust tonite. Gonna join ya in about 10 minutes or after you finish your match now.


Wow! I've been out of the loop for a while. When did we get chat bots and gamble bots?

Are you on mobile? Ahahaha

Emulating a mobile game on PC?

I played this on my actual mobile, I just ran people over for the win


Classic TV told me you go school and learnt all this coding you have done for your stream

10 out of 10, definitely one of the best streams I've ever seen here

can you hear me in game? I can't hear you :/

Your welcome! :)

By the way, created a new account in the game, it will be indy8steem if you wanna invite me.

What's up dude!

Just tried gamble bot. Pretty cool idea, as long as you get enough volume you'll always make 5% profit.

!gameover !missionfailed


I found it just from your stream lol. Post about it in Discords like everyday lol

Such a trash stream...

My timing is always good. A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He always arrives at the right time.

holy shit what r u using for the chat overlay? reply in chat if u can, im between streams

I was told to ask how the community is?

league of legends sorry lol

thats the response I was told to expect... those exact words toxic ass

so i've seen

my gf is telling me that even the woman get pretty manly

thats the other winner in calis stream snowstorm231. good job on winning yourself too dude


were saving it for a capture card, so while im out landscaping she can stream to dlive and when i get home ill stream basically

were extremely lucky to have found each other were 2 sides of the same coin.

have a great stream/night bro. pls vote my stream too <3

it helps to have the same goals and 90% of the same interests. and what we dont like we meet in the middle. im proud of it.

hashtag relationship goals hahahaha

I just resteemed you to my 400 followers, lets hope they are not all bots haha

oh man League of Legends?! !clap

your making snowstorm yell things i dont get references to

something about anubis

shes put it down for a couple years. yes thats the reference\

you needed the time to heal, haha I work for my father so i get it

100 followers is just a floodgate thats opened. when i passed 100 it just kept going

you on twitter?

I use mine to promote dlive users i started with cali

only like 60. but exposure is exposure, ive gained a couple followers though through promoting

Hey there, dude!


Dude! I do the art stuff to!

Very cool! What kind of art/medium?

Just usually doodle on a digital drawing tablet.

Also, I'm practically known for having headphones on me all the time.

Mostly Rock, Jazz, or Electronic music. Love Electro Swing as well.

Like that Funk sound as well haha

oh she knows it... so do i XD

I know that Aladdin song, I'm subscribed to Sim Gretina.

Rolling Stones, Foo fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers are some of my faves

i enjoy whatever she plays im tired of limiting myself to just 1 genre, but she always has her headphones on XD

Also a big fan of Pink Floyd

ugh I know right!!

But yeah dude, to each their own haha

ayy have a great stream friend.upvoted,pls vote my stream too

shes just used to being around people that don't like her music.

where were from people are just.... the worst.

not all Canadians are friendly lmao

Back when I used to play, I played Thresh, even though I suck at League Of Legends haha

Everything about him is awesome to me

Although I do like Aurelion Sol too

Anyways, gotta go dude, it's 3 am here haha

Have a good night!

have a good one dude!

!aladdin lol

what is thise !aladdin

poop on me !aladdin

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