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My live stream is at DLive

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And i mine yes

Leave a comment or question, I am here to help!

The quality is really good

Yes, i trade a lot with crypto, i'm french so my english is bad but i understand you without any problem :)

I understand english :)

I think that to :p

Ethereum and bitcoin are my mains but i trade a little with some other crypto

Yeah same, i trust bitcoin a lot for the moment, i dont stay on other cryptos

Yes ofc , i try to make money with a lot of cryptos

YOu started trading with cryptos or you did before?

Hi ! :) The stream is fine , i follow you and give you my vote, i'll comeback , you can follow me to if you want !

My favorite to mine is Ethereum

I do a lot of cloud mining

With hashflare :)

Yeah,, i prefer cloud mining and for me hashflare is totaly legit

Yes, i keep my position for the moment

I reinvest , i do it dayli , i dont hold a lot

I hold sometimes, but i prefer reinvest a lot

Sry man, i'm really tirred, it's 4 am :') i'll comeback for sure and follow me if you want to discuss, nice stream and have fun !

let me know when you arrive, and lets chat!