Saturday *LIVE* At The Precipice! Ed.: FISA Drops, Qanon Posts, Bitcoin Rallies!

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Hello Everybody - It looks like it continues to happen! I look forward to our weekly church of no worship. I look forward to talking to you all and confirming that the Red Wave and the Cashening are both on track.

New Qanon:

In the past, I was sponsored by a cryptocurrency for a fairly good sum of money, however, due to wanting to remain as objective and un-bought as possible, I have decided to go a different route and make me beholden to nobody but the viewers of this show/channel. As a result, this show will only go on with your support, for which, I am eternally grateful. There are three main ways to do so:

  1. Tell your friends about this show and why you like it. (IRL or online are both great!)

  2. Patreon (that is until someone develops a bitcoin alternative):

  3. Crypto! BCH: bitcoincash:qq83ghtth6h9cre5ecjxgwyed452k6rn95z5gak0xu
    (QR code:

Also, you can buy stuff with BCH here (lighting network hats coming soon LOL):

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My live stream is at DLive

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I wish for your good luck. By the way, I am new to this website and to the cryptocurrency world. I want to know about your programs and your objectives. Thanks, lots of love <3

Good show, today.

Bitcoin is a symbol for alternative money, coin, etc. Bitcoin, Bit Torrent, Steemit, Minds, Gab, Infowars, Qanon, competes against China, Technocracy, Plutocracy, Big Pharma, Corporatism, Monopolism, Clinton, Central Banks, Geoengineering, Obama, Deep State, Globalism, Islam, Federal Reserve, UN, EU, NWO, Facebook, fiat, Google, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, Tech Giants, etc.

Qanon is a mixed bag.

At least, Qanon gets us to think, ask questions, investigate. Better than nothing. I like Info Wars, Alex Jones, Drudge Report, @Stefan.Molyneux, @Cernovich, etc.


They can't really destroy Bitcoin without an EMT attack on the whole world at the same time. Maybe we can hide Bitcoin Computers, other things, in space, on the North Pole, buried in caves, holes, at the bottom of the ocean, etc, as backups. Diversify investments, networking, & everything. We are the news. We are red pilling people. We are making differences in the world, in America, in Brazil, etc. Keep doing what you can, y'all.

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