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That's true, things will appear to be going on the same way, the news won't say anything in advance, they only make claims AFTER shit already happened at which point everyone already knows and its too late anyway.


Yes, their tagline should be "Yesterday's fake news - today!"


Need to make your volume bit more up, its tad low.
This Steemit is bit weird, still trying to get used to it.
Now on topic... things are definitely getting very tense and shit will hit the fan eventually... I have a feeling the world structure will be changed once again (the way they did it post WWII) but I think it won't be necessarily in good way. Same like in crypto, things need to get real bad (which is happening now) before they get better again.. and then rinse and repeat... over and over.


Good call on the volume - I noticed the same thing after listening back. I agree things are about to get crazy, but I think it will be for the best. I also hope we can transition people's understanding as to the desirability of the kind of society that you and I both want.

finally found my steemit password

hi - the chat is mainly on the discord there is alink in the description


thanks for providing the heads up Diddy!

ahh thanks diddy

no worries sorry didn't see you earlier

Hi guys - thanks


thank you wintermute!

Spring is near!

Hello @craigmason! Good job on this. I hope my followers will resteem that too. Best wishes