CS:GO With the boys Farcry 5 after

4년 전


My live stream is at DLive Steam number 1

Hey welcome to my channel my name is cryptotippy I'm a Canadian my favorite games to play right now are CS:GO, Farcry 5, Sea of Thieves and Fortnite so I will be streaming those games mostly. I also really enjoy FPV Quadcopters and Cryptocurrency as a hobby
hey, everyone, this is my first stream to dlive hope you enjoy im playing CS:GO and farcry 5

Thank you to everyone that liked my stream

My first stream went really well and I would like to thank everyone that popped in and watched/liked that helps out more than you know, All in all, things went good but I think I need to tweak my obs setting so the stream buffers better. Other then that everything went well I streamed for a total of seven hours fifty-two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Thank you to everyone that watched and liked the stream.


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welcome everyone to the stream :)

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