[Dlive] Dlivestar Stream!

3년 전


Dlive & Direct!

Playing a bunch of games tonight to celebrate my Dlivestar Award!
Thank you so much!!
Starting with overwatch, going to make my way to Starbreak at some point!
I will be on until 1am est tonight

Stop by and chill for a bit!

Lets group up! My gamertag is in my tags!

Join the DanbiohackingFam on Dlive for free gifs to use on your streams every other day here: https://dlive.io/fanbase/f1ccc048-7844-4682-b9c3-d37f72500958

Check out the very cool DLive24hour for a program guide of curated scheduled DLive content here: https://steemit.com/@dlive24hour

Thank you for creating DLive!


-Danbiohackingman, Only on Dlive, 6 Days a week 8pm to 11pm EST

My live stream is at DLive

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Congrats on the DLive Star!!


Thanks Jimmy!

Congratulations dude!!


Much appreciated g0nr0gue!

congrats <3