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Hey there! My name is Doğukan, more commonly known as Datilla but you can also call me Dati. I started streaming on the 6th of February 2018 on DLive and I love to be part of DLive. I'm a University student, studying Energy Systems Engineering in Istanbul. I'm mainly a DLiver. You can find my all profiles below. If you have ANY questions feel free to drop by the stream or hit me up on any social media.

I love to watch streams on @DLive and I love to support them. I have met so many streamers on Dlive and I made very nice friendships. I enjoy doing my job. I know that I'm part of big thing. If you're part of this big community that means you enjoy this too. It's difficult trying to describe what I do to people that don't know this lovely community we've built but it's also a place where I can share my personality.

Also make sure follow me on Steemit.

So if you like random stuff, welcome to the club.

My live stream is at DLive

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Nice gaming blog i like your blog


Thank you man!

Congrats on the DLive Star!


Thank you so much again Jimmy <3

Congrats on the DliveSTAR!!! @datilla


Thank you man! I appreciate that <3

So you are from Turkey.
I would love to check out your videos and also gonna follow you,


You have my thanks! <3


Thanks :)


Thank you man!

If possible please upvote or promote my steemit posts...

I Like That