Fornite | Dominating Solo

3년 전


I am planning to dominate solo today on Fortnite, well... If everything goes right that is.

My live stream is at DLive

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What's up Deathwing? Popping in for a minute before I get off for the night. Are you using any stream alerts? I don't think I've seen you play Fortnite yet.

I think I missed you before I was able to speak, well pretty much not using any alerts atm, maybe soon.

wanted to let you know about our new fortnite league, here on steemit

Like, we reward you based on stats each week

just normal stats, you compete against others signed up, stats vs stats, we also have special events, time specific events (aka when on this day and get a prize) and giveaways

watching your stream while I stream!

Hey folks, sorry about the interruption. DLive servers decided to kick me out (it's a known issue) so even though I am still streaming you see my VOD, apologise for this. Hoping to continue soon!