Lapses in Judgement

3년 전


It's worth every second

Monsoon season is blessing Vegas with it's yearly doses of humidity and scenic skies. I've been slacking on braving the summer storms in search of the elusive bolt that spans the las Vegas valley skyline🤞🏿

Head in the clouds

In all my “free time” not thunder hunting, I've been out getting hyper lapses cumulonimbi. Clouds are dope and most of the time I leave the city limits to shoot, so it's usually a whole chill experience. Sounds relaxing right? Nah, it was 110° with 34% humidity today. It's a far cry from the humidity in the southern US or other parts of the world closer to the equator, but add the relentless heat that remains in the triple digits well into the night, then you have a situation 😂

With all of that being said, I can't resist filling up my water bottle, packing my shit, rolling one, and heading out to some remote part of the valley to see what I can get!

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