Campaign | Celebrate Mother's Day with DLive!

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Mother’s Day is a special day that is celebrated internationally where we show our appreciation for not only our own mothers, but mothers around the world. Celebrate Mother’s Day with the rest of us on DLive with our latest campaign!


This campaign’s submission window will open on May 6th, 2018 and close on May 27th, 2018 at 12pm CET. We will reward submissions during and after the campaign.
This campaign is about celebrating Mother’s Day so spending time with your mother, giving your mother a gift, making something for her, or telling her what you love about her or appreciate what she does are all acceptable options.

Campaign Update:

We have now added a new verification process in our campaigns and it will be a requirement for all future campaigns. This will increase our ability to assess genuine content and discourage any possible abuse. We have increased our rewards for this campaign from earning a possible upvote of 1-8% to 2-10% with the added verification process.


  • A possible 2-10% upvote.


  • Must follow the verification process
  • Use tags: dlive dlivemothersday mothersday
  • Video length must be a minimum of one minute
  • Video must be uploaded to DLive
  • Must link your video in the comment section of this post between: May 6th, 2018 and May 27th, 2018 at 12pm CET
  • “DLive Mother’s Day” must be the beginning of your post title.
  • All languages are accepted
  • If any language other than English is used there must be English subtitles added to the video.

Not following these requirements will disqualify you from being able to receive and rewards.

Verification Process:

At the beginning of your video you must say “Celebrating Mother’s Day on DLive”, followed by your Steemit name. There cannot be video cuts after this verification process. The verification process and your submission must be seamless.



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thank you guys for hosting such events

Hello @dlive This my "Celebrating Mother's Day" Submission Thanks a lot for the campaign, I encourage you to watch the video made just a little mistake for the verification process but all words where said and the video is uncut! And Come on! I am me, Me is me lol. Cheers!

Dlive link

Steemit Link

Hey @dlive
Thanks so much for running this campain :) I hope all the mothers out there had an amazing day! ♡

DLive Link:

Steemit Link:

celebrating mothers day on dlive.jpg
Melissa Kellie Xx

I loved this contest @dlive. Excellent idea. You do an excellent job. I have many ideas for mother's day, although it is very personal. I am willing to share part of it with you. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity. I am very happy to be part of the users that make life in dlive.

Really very good interest. Mother loves everybody But we are not just Mother's Day but always love mother. Your initiative has increased the honor of the mother. Thanks for taking such a nice initiative.

Thanks Dlive!

Hello @Dlive,

I would like to thank everyone on Team Dlive for this amazing campaign, and I would like to say I am very proud to be part of this amazing organization. here is my Mother's day campaign entry.

I hope you guys like it.

Dlive Video

Steemit Post

Thank you guys very much.

Hello @dlive This is @steemgh this is my post for dlive mothers day
steemit link

miss u mom :(





This is a Special Edition to all Moms Around the World

Happy Mother's Day to all! Thank you @dlive for this lovable Campaign! More power! 😄

my mom is the best Queen :)

Thank you @DLive to this beautiful campaign for all Mommies in the world! Here's my entry ^_^
DLive Link:
Steemit Link:

I love my mom ❤❤❤ thank you Dlive

A powerfull day @dlive this is my video Entry for dlive mother's day campain
steemit Link
dlive Link

Hi Dear DLive!
For me, my mother's day is a very meaningful day.
thank you guys for hosting such events
DLive Link:
Steemit my Post :


Please do not link other users videos under your name for a submission.
I understand it may have been a mistake but please be more careful in the future.


thnak you . thank you for reminding me. I had some confusion. I used to.

Nice post

i am Vietnamese.
I'm not good at English.

Your article is awesome !!!
For, Mom, you care and share and give
And make life such a joy to live,
That nothing but the best will do,
And that is what is wished for you!

Amazing contest...!
Very creative and loving.


This is lovely

👩‍👦‍👦I love my mother

Thanks Dlive

Im excited for this one. Thank you.

thanks to invite me to join in the challenge of making a video dlive mother's day

Very very good event.Thanks for hosting such an event

Please I'm in for this contest. Excellent innovation from this great community

Happy mother's days..

Mothers are greatly made. They are meant to be celebrated. A friend of mine was so angry that he couldn't hold it any longer. He was like why is it that it's only our mothers that are being celebrated? So i explained the reasons to him. He had no choice than to accept.

Nice Bro...

Hi @dlive! Here's my video thank you for coming up with this campaign :) It's such a great way to express our love to our Mother despite of our distance.

thank you so much

Dlive, all mothers all over the world will appreciate you for this


This is really GREAT campaign, thank you @dlive

Nice! :)

thanks @dlive and happy mothers day to all mom

Keep up the good work :)

Algo muy especial para alguien muy especial... Gracias!!

Thanks Dlive!

Thank you dlive, thank you for gooooood event!!! we r nothing without mother..

@dlive does it have to be livestreamed or a video can be uploaded?

I love you guys!

dlive you are amazing

Great iniciative, Lets show our Mamas the proper love they deserve!

Sounds good!

wow very nice

love it :*

Thank you so much for the mother’s day project.
New video post for today please feel free to visit me ~~

Hey @dlive crew! I'm happiest to let you know that I just submitted my entry for this year's #dlivemothersday. For the special occasion I even discovered a special spot on my little island: a nice white beach with palm trees and an amazing view on the deep blue sea. I hope you enjoy it :-)

It really is a beautiful campaign, mothers deserve a lot of dedication and many people are going to participate.

They are the best @dlive Family

What a lovely idea for a campaign!! 💕

Here is a LINK to my entry!


That's good buddy nice video

Very nice!

Here is My entry link =) thank you so much and wish all the mum in the world have a Great mother's day everyday~~~ =)

My Steemit link:

Thank you so much for doing this awesome Mother’s Day Campaign! My dad raised me as a single parent so he’s lovingly referred to as Mr. Mom. It’s been tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day for him as he’s played both roles! :) I hope you enjoy the video!!
DLive Mother’s Day - Celebrating my Mr. Mom

Happy mothers day mum ..lo yiu seee

A song dedicated to my Mom.. :D Happy Mother's Month to all! :D

Hi Dlive, This is my first campaign and as a Mother it's a good one to take part in, below is my DLive link
steemit link

Nice contest. Really interesting. Can’t wait to see some wonderful videos.

happy mothers day :) our mothers is our hero in this world no one can change her :)
Here's My Entry for DLive Mother's Day Campaign
dlive :

great post

Dear @dlive and DLivers
Thank You very much already held this Campaign. Have been six years, i didn't beside my mom to celebrate "MOther's Day", and with this video I wanna say, Miss you much Mom

Here's my Dlive links

And Here's my Steemit link

Hello DLive,
Thank you so much for arranging this Campaign!Here's My Entry for DLive Mother's Day Campaign:

Steemit link:

Dlive link

Thank you!

Happy Mother's Day....!
Steemit link:
Dlive link:
Thank @dlive very much because my mother had a very wonderful day.

tipuvote! 0.4

Hey there @dlive and Dlivers! Thank you all for being here celebrating our mother! :D

Dlive Video:

Steemit Post:

it's a good campaign @dlive. supporting mom is a beautiful way. i love my mom.
thank for this campaign