Campaign | DLive's international Dance Day Campaign!

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DLive's International Dance Day Campaign!

International Dance Day is the celebration of this art form across the globe, everybody put on your dancing shoes and bust a move with DLive!


Source - Credit to IDD organisation

In this campaign you can get involved by showing off your best set of dance moves, even educating people on the history of dance or how to dance a certain choreograph.

Although having a music track is not a requirement in this campaign, if you do choose to use music ensure that it is royalty free or you have permission to use it.


Please post your entry in the comment section between April 29th - 30th 12pm CET


  • Ensure the video stays on the DANCING topic.
    • Videos about the history of dance, or how to dance are also accepted.
  • The video must go for a minimum of 1 minute.
  • Must be uploaded to DLive
  • Entry url must be submitted in the comment section.
  • Original Content Only!

Not following the requirements will make you ineligible to receive an upvote


  • A vote between 1% to 8% depending on effort and quality of the content.


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Dance dance very day day!

A ju family production. :D

dtube dance.jpg

History ? the history is my story :D

Have fun everybody ! Hope you will get feelings

dance show off your skills

But, i can’t Dance :(


That's great post.
Amazing dlive.

so you think you can dance?
Well, i really can't dance. :v

This has been a sensational idea. I hope you like my entry and I also hope you understand my English.

Oh my, among my talents dancing cannot be listed lol. So clumsy. I go freestyle sometimes but behind bolted doors.

dancing like honey

My dancing is not that good, but I may give a try

Lets dance! Yahooo!

Ok I can get in on this!

This is gonna be bloody epic!

can i do a couple dance kills on fortnite and put them together to still qualify?

Hi @dlive. Great, that's an excellent idea. I do not dance much, but I will do my best work.

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

saman dance from aceh
let's see the video I uploaded

It is my passion to dance so I advance before 29 with these steps Forklorico of Peru. Greetings Thank you @dlive for making these campaigns that brighten the soul.


Happy International Dance Day. This video from a little girl. Hope everyone like it

I look forward to the dance videos with impatience :) thanks for campaign dlive :)

This is a jubilant joke on Woman Day at our school. This is the original video. Hope you enjoy it.

this is my link about international dance day, hope you like it @dlive

I am not a dancer but I work in the dance industry who organise dance performance and get dance job for my dancers. Can I post the dance performance of my dancers? The performance was organised by me. Thanks!

Happy International Dance Day <3<3<3 This is my dance and my friend. Hope you enjoy it.

This is the dance of the girls in my class. It's really cool. Good campaign.

his is my link about international dance day, hope you like it. thank you

A dance class where I live - Dlive's campaign.Hope you enjoy it.

This is a dance of a couple. I recorded it as I passed by. I hope you like it.

Excelente Iniciativa!!!

Hello friend, excellent publication, I liked it a lot. Count on me, I invite you to visit my profile and count on you too, Regards

Time to bust a move!

ok ok ! i will try this x) , Shame on me but i know what i will do !

This is a good campaign and a good opportunity to all stemians who knows how to dance. Its their time to shine!

Lol @dlive my dancing is really bad; let me know when there is a chocolate eating contest

will surely make a video..

Sound so good

Waiting for all the fortnite dance's.

International dance campaign, this my entry to follow campaign...
Internasional dance from South Tapanuli...

Very nice👏🏼👏🏼

Maybe we can't reach on time... But we will still do the International Dance, and I am hoping that everyone will join in a very simple modern dance that I am going to do to follow and post it here in Dlive. And for that country that the internet is weak, they can view on Youtube.

follow me

Wish you may like this video! I have some introduction to the dance in the post~

Hi everybody.
This is a video of me going back to my niece dancing with you.
I am very happy to record this moment. I want to share it with everyone