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As we look to increase DLive's Social Media footprint, we are asking for the help of our Community to kick start this. This campaign revolves around the use of the hashtag, #StreamOnDLive. This campaign will give you the chance to share your excitement for DLive and explain to all your followers, why you believe DLive is the best place to live stream or upload a video.

The campaign will begin on June 9, 2018 and end on June 22, 2018 at 12:00pm CET.



  • The social media post must be made on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Include why DLive excites you and why you think people should live stream or upload videos on DLive. This can be written, or video format.
  • Tag @OfficialDLive on your social media.
  • Include the hash tag #StreamOnDLive.
  • Include your referral URL in your social media post.
  • Comment on this post with a link to your social media post.

If all the requirements are not met, you will not be eligible for an upvote.


The reward for this campaign will be based on the amount of unique traffic your referral URL generates. It is very important that the requirements above are all fulfilled. At the end of the campaign you will be rewarded between 2% - 15% on the next live stream, video upload or even comment left on a @DLive post.

If you want to add DLive Branding to your post, our brand resources can be found here. This is not a requirement.


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Visit the DLive website!

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Told twitter about it! #StreamWithDLive



DLive The Guy - The Best Streaming Platform for Creators and Viewers!


Where's the social media link for this? It looks great.


Fixed! Now you can click the picture. ;)


Goes to @jimmylin's profile lol




Officially joined the contest and many of our friends are on their way hier. Awesome platform, you rock 🤟 #dlivethai 🇹🇭

This is my post. It is in polish but you can "google translate" it.
To be honest this is nothing new to me because I've been "All in" from my 1st stream which was 17.01.2018 ;)
New post but I think it should reach few people.
Quite a lot already have their steemit accounts so... :P

Hello dlive
i have 3000 follower on facebook :)
i hope i can help you with this follower to get all people stream on dlive :)
i know dlive is the best platform right now since i used 4 months ago :)
Here is the link

Sound idea @dlive always pushing to the limits.

Really digging DLive, particularly with the YouTube Pot Purge. Here is my Tweet for today's live stream. Thanks DLive! Great App!

Is the #YouTube pot purge over? Maybe not, so we're stoked to be on @OfficialDLive now! @DC420LA The Week in #Weed: Blunt #Cannabis Commentary, #Marijuana in #MSM #Pot Politics Sundays LIVE! 4:20 Pacific #steemit #StreamOnDLive here

good idea, i am in game!

I love DLive and the community that it has provided for everyone <3 Twitter

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Is there a mobile app for that?

hopefully I can follow this campaign

great Campaign..!
and full of creations.
Greetings to the Dliver...!

Nah dengan ini saya akan membagikan kumpulan menu buka puasa yang praktis tapi tetap enak, sehat dan bergizi. Hal ini bisa di siasati dengan menselang-seling masakan special dan masakan sederhana. Untuk itu Bunda bisa membuat jadwal menu masakan sehari-hari selama satu bulan. Yang bertujuan agar bunda mudah mengontrol pengeluaran harian selama satu bulan ke dapan.

wow nice !

I wrote a twitter thread on the subject over a few tweets. Looking forward to the future, as always!

This is a great idea! :D

Hi, does the campaign have to be only in English?

Wow! This campaign is so great! More power to DLive!

And also, I have invited 2 accounts now. I wish you'll be successful!

Love this kind of campaign :D lets go This is my twitter links
If you're wise i will maybe make one on facebook


Sorry there was an error in the post, we are fixing it now. It’s actually instead of ref?=. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Also - The Theme for this week's "The Steeming Pile" is memes. So send us your favorites and we'll BS about them during the show. Contact myself or @g0nr0gue to simulcast or join live (on DLIVE)!


Oh! We couldn't find the page you were looking for!
please go back to the homepage


Sorry there was an error in the post, we are fixing it now. It’s actually


My fault? Sorry my bad english :(

Question: Does traffic mean sign ups, or simply just clicks?


For this campaign, it is strictly unique traffic generated through the referral URL, not sign ups, but I do hope that you signed up for the referral sign up program as well :D

Yeah, this is a good way to get exposure. I'll get a post up and going here soon.

Your profile is very interesting. :)

Hi guys! Here's my post on Instagram I hope you like it.


Hello everyone this my facebook post. Thanks for everything ! I've been here for three months. I am really happy. THANKS !

Thanks for the opportunity, here is my twitter post

I Love @DLive!!

My #1 spot for sharing my mediumship and the spiritual lifestyle practices that are most important to me.

I have been shouting it out!!

Here are a couple of my posts that direct from Twitter to the posts where I've been sharing my work every Monday, Tuesday, & Friday (and some other days here and there where I've been peppering it in with more than Astrology, Tarot/Divination/Cartomancy, and my radio show @msp-waves).

It's already Wed here lol, but later today on break I'll post out to my following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on my personal accounts. I'll make a post regarding all the advertising. I'm glad to help!! (resteemed)

Thanks. Love everybody. All good mood.
My link:

Hi to all DLivers and to all DLive team! 😊


Thank you guys and More Power! 😊


Sorry there was an error in the post, we are fixing it now. It’s actually instead of ref?=. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey DLive thanks for the love. Here is your post :)

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Hello there,

I just posted on Instagram.

#DLive <3

Thanks all!

Hello everyone! I bring you a video where I talk about why dlive motivates me to upload videos. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy and understand my video, sorry for my bad English.

Here the link of my post:

Thanks Dlive!

I was going to make a video about this, but didn't have time... then I thought about it, the description of one of my videos already discussed (in a small degree) why DLive was a welcoming environment for content creators like myself. (Even if the video didn't discuss the subject)
So I made this tweet.