Campaign | World Cup 2018 on DLive!

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T-header.png he World Cup is an event that happens once every four years. It has a lot of history and a remarkable amount of passion behind it. We wanted to allow our users a chance to express their passion with our new World Cup Campaign.


fifalogoheader.png Campaign Information

For the DLive World Cup campaign we are focused on high quality content that revolves around the global event. The content can be uploaded as a video or broadcasted as a livestream.

The following is an example of the kinds of content we are looking for in the campaign.
Previous and post-game reviews and analysis, news and group standing along with top assists and goal scorers. Users can also stream the game Fifa 18 as it's related to the topic of the campaign. Be creative with your content, you can even upload a video of you shouting out your favorite team whilst sporting some face paint and jersey!

  • The DLive World Cup Campaign will be active from June 14th to July 15th.

Campaign Requirements

  • A verification process will be required for users uploading videos
  • All languages are accepted, English subtitles are required
  • Content must be uploaded to DLive
  • Video length minimum is 1 minute
  • #dlivewc18 and #worldcup tags must be included

By submitting an entry you are agreeing to the possibility that DLive may promote your content on social media.

Not following these requirements will disqualify you from being able to receive and rewards.

Verification Process

At the beginning of your video you must reveal your face while saying “DLive World Cup 2018”, followed by your Steemit name. There cannot be video cuts after this verification process. The verification process and your submission must be seamless.


Campaign Rewards

The upvote reward we are offering to users with World Cup related content is between 2% and 4%.

During the campaign, anyone who enters will be competing against each other in a leaderboard where your total sum of upvote percentage will determine your score. Updates of this leaderboard will be released every 5 days on @DLive and the Discord channel.

1st.png 1st40%
2nd.png 2nd30%
3rd.png 3rd20%

In addition to the leaderboard upvote rewards, the DLive team will decide on extra content that deserves a reward.

  • Most watched video award
  • Best video editing award

Assets & Graphics

DLive is offering some great graphics for our users to use for the campaign, below you can find an overlay PNG and a Webm file, these will make your content look outstanding and we suggest that people use them.


Click here to download the webm in full transparency.
Click here to download the png in full resolution.


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Waiting for this campaign to happen and here it goes and a great timing because today is the start of World Cup!
Well, I don't want to tell you guys but, Arriba Uruguay! 😁

Its really nice campaign for the real football lover.
Thank you @DLive

Dlive is so bomb. A reason to daily vlog the world cup me thinks!

BOOOM! Another great contest for people to participate!

Keep them good vibes flowing and contests rolling!

Artakush watches football and eats popcorn in the bush...

vov great job :]

Very exciting! Massive football fan here (Sam not Becca) will try to get involved 😊 Give my views and overview of the World Cup! ⚽️ Supporting 🇬🇧 (No England flag emoji!) 🇵🇹 And....🇹🇭 (Not in the World Cup). "When I get older, I will be stronger, they'll call me freedom, Just like a Wavin Flag" - K'naan (World Cup 2010 official song), one of the better World Cup songs to be made!

Very cool contest. Let's celebrate the world cup and have fun 🎉

Anlayan biri yoruma yazabilir mi :D

Nice Campaign :) Thank you dlive

Does live streaming also count or not?


Livestreaming also counts, if you wish to do your content on a livestream then go for it!


Thanks for replying :p Just made a video, but will for sure try out the live streaming, streaming seems quite suitable for the world cup indeed.

This is going to be so much fun! Will try to make a cinematic video representation of Croatian fans, because they really like football. This is actually going to be my first real video editing/producing project. So excited!

good com-pain thanks Dlive Team.

It will be a very good world cup hopefully bring joy and union to the world.

I'm noticing people are putting straight up Fifa game streams on Dlive. Is this legal? I really don't want it to jeopardize the platform. There's one on right now.


It is not, and we would advise to not stream the games on DLive.

Looking forward to giving it my best shot. Working on it already. Will appreciate it if you could tell us if we have gone wrong in our videos on time, so we don't waste time doing unqualified stuff.