DLive | Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

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Today marks a very important day for DLive. It has been 6 months since this platform received the delegation from @ned and Steemit Inc. Without their support, we would not have this great opportunity to build, the next generation live streaming and video community, on the blockchain.

What an amazing 6 months it has been for DLive. In terms of development and operations we are right where we need to be, but what we are most proud of, is the Community that DLive has built. We often hear from our users that DLive has the best community and service but the DLive Team firmly believes in continuous improvement. We will continue to improve our platform and support on our end, and we hope that the Community will continue to grow.

We wanted to share some of the accomplishments of DLive, that everyone might not know. These accomplishments could not have been achieved without everyone who has been using our platform daily.

  • DLive is the largest live streaming DApp in the world.
  • DLive.io has a global ranking of 59,042 according to Alexa.com and 41,088 according to SimilarWeb.com, in the past 3 months our ranking has improved 125,784 positions.
  • DLive.io is now ranked 1675 in Poland according to Alexa.com.

To celebrate all of our recent success, the DLive Team will be randomly gifting 200 SBD, in total, to the users of our platform throughout the next few weeks. If you are a live streamer make sure you keep an eye on your chat, you never know when a member of our team might stop by.

DLive.io Translation Project

This was mentioned in @WA7's previous post, but we are looking to expand into different markets around the world. The only way we can successfully achieve this goal, is to have our website properly translated in different languages.

As soon as a language has been successfully translated, we will update the website. When we release the language switching feature, you will also be able to change your native language in your account preferences.

We are looking to the Community for help, if you are interested, go to our CrowdIn page to start contributing your translations. If you did not find your preferred language, but are eager to help with translating, contact our team on Discord to have it added.

Current Campaigns

By now, we hope that everyone is familiar with the campaigns that we run. If you are not, here are the running campaigns right now. The whole purpose for these campaigns are to reward the users who go out of their way to help the DLive community grow. If you have not participated in any campaigns yet, we urge you to get involved and be apart of this great Community. Below you can find the campaigns that are currently running.

Refer a Friend Program

Earn up to 300 STEEM through DLive's referral program. To read more about this program, click here.

Social Media Campaign | #StreamOnDLive

If you use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will want to participate in this campaign. To read more about this campaign, click here.

DLive Star Campaign #10

The DLive Star Campaign is a bi-weekly campaign, we crown 3 DLive users at the end of each period and deliver them a 60% upvote. If you're interested in participating in this campaign the announcement for period #10 has just been announced.

In closing, the DLive Team wants to thank each and every one of you. We are excited to see what successes the remainder of 2018 will bring.

Visit the DLive Official Shop!



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Visit the DLive website!

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Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers!

wow, 6 months already? Who would have said it's been that long already. With 150+ streams it seems I didn't miss that many days streaming :)

I'm really grateful for @dlive, the team behind it and the community. Thank you all for being here and making our lives better every day.

Stream on!

Congratulations, team @dlive!
These numbers prove once more that you've been doing an amazing job during the past 6 months.

What they don't tell is that the DLive users have an outstanding community spirit which is appreciable wherever you get in touch with them. This has also been significantly fostered by the DLive team who gave priority to social interaction, mutual support and incentives right from the beginning. I bet you've all done uncountable extra hours during these months - not because you were forced to do it, but because you wanted to do it.

This is the way to go! Thanks for being awesome and keep doing so :-) I'm happiest to be part of this.

Marly -


I couldn't have said it better myself :-D



Thank you to everyone who's been a part of the @dlive team and community! The level of support that has been shown for helping one another is beyond imagination and clarifies why the stats are the way they are. I pray that your hard work continues to pay dividends!

Time goes fast. The past 1 year has been very bad, but dlive has made my life so beautiful by the support it gives me. I trust dlive and his team till the end hopefully celebrate many more years. Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers! #InDLiveWeTrust , #inKentwetrust .... Congratulations DLive Team !! <3 <3 <3


congratulations @dlive! happy 6th :D

I love the progress you guys have made the past few months. VERY impressive. I hope to see you guys prosper more, thank you so much!

WOW! 6 Months ALREADY?

Seems like it was just yesterday there were 4 streamers on at a time.

Congratulations @DLive and @wa7 for totally changing my daily routine and creating something this awesome.

Its amazing how time flies! Thank you @Dlive for the opportunities that have been given to us in the last 6 months! ;)

Seeing new faces on @Dlive everyday is quite awesome, and cant wait to meet more and more as we #GROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freakin love Dlive!
Such a great community and platform.

In my opinion, Dlive is the best platform on Steem blockchain which has received delegation from Steemit Inc.

First of all, Dlive has a great team and they are always working to improve platform.

On the other side, Dlive is bringing lots of new users to both Dlive and Steem blockchain with its great and continued campaigns.

So I want to thank @dlive and all @teamdlive !

Long live Dlive!

long live Dlive.png

Nice :))

  ·  4년 전

Congratulations....Happy Anniversary..:)


Wow! 6 months !
Congratulations @DLive and @teamdlive
Steemit is my favorite time! I publish every day. I'm making new friends. We had fun playing games every day! All this time, I always thanks to you @dlive
#inDlivewetrust #inKentwetrust

@dlive Good reason to celebrate !! This might be the perfect opportunity for many people to join Dlive! :D

Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers! LOVE FOR KENT ! AND LOVE FOR DLIVE

Congrats 6 months anniversary

Congrats guys! I only see you growing from here! Dlive FTW

Amazing anniversary, I'll have a cold one for it

But besides that, thanks @ned and steemit inc, besides finding a way to keep morale up for streamers you've created a wonderful community :)

It's been crazy 6 months, i can't wait for the rest of the many years to come !
Cheers to all the team and dlivers!

Happy 6 months! Time flies! More exciting times ahead 💃💃

Time flies. Happy 6 months!

I am very happy to be here. Happy 6 months everyone :) #inDlivewetrust #inKentwetrust

I am looking forward next six months.
Happy six Months Dlivers!!!!

Amaziing job. You are leaders on this era. Congrats. U have my support to the projects, i am going to the discord. See u there.

Başarılarınız daim olsun siz de bizde mutlu olalım

Happy 6 months DLIVE ♥♥♥♥

You are wonderful ♥♥♥♥♥

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 2 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!

Long life to DLive ! :D

Happy six months.

Happy 6th months anniv!!! 🍻🍻

Half a way to 1 year and to total success

I think the next 6 months will be really important as DLive is blowing up

Happy 6 months anniversary, exciting times ahead

DLive Evimiz @redjepi Babamız !

congratulations very interesting your project

happy 6 month anniversary, hopefully your next 6 months are fulfilled with success

This is a great achievement! Wow you mean it's just six months all these have happened? Kudos to the entire team of @dlive.

Thank dlive !!!! This is truelly amazing and Honest platform .... it also made me rethink steem as whole .... shout out all my dlivers !! Our up vote is worth .05 and growing #gaingang!!!!

Happy birthday Dlive, I'm here since day one and I'm so proud of you guys for your improvement. Its been hell of a journey, you've made so much progress!

Proud to be a daily Dliver!

I am one of your avid users.Thanks to @anomadsoul who first give me a challenge.And thank you dlive for upvoting me this week..I hope I can be able to have a portion sjnce I am giving referral to ally friends

Happy 6 Month Anniversary!

We'r good, dlive's good.. i think our family (dlive) so lucky, cuz everyone looks perfect. We'r strong together look like a chain.. Love you all!!

Happy aniversary @dlive.

Happy 6th month anniversary @dlive.
Dlive already giving huge valuable things to everyone.

It is hard to believe it's only been six months with how much DLive as both a content platform and community has improved and grown. I'm very much looking forward to the next six months. 😃


Yeah, it's starting to get that twitch community feel about it.

Great archivment@dlive and it's quite funny that iam celebrating my 1st year anniversary on Steemit today.

Happy 6th months anniv!
สุขสันต์วันครบรอบ 6 เดือน!

Congratulations ... it's a real audiovisual project ... here in Venzuela we are very grateful for the support given to the Spanish-speaking community ... God bless you and continue to grow as the foam.

Nice friend

Happy Birthday :)

Happy Six Months Anniversary @dlive, everyone behind the project and all the DLivers out there! To the next milestone and beyond! 🍾💥

Together to future @dlive

Happy Anniversary Dlive!

  ·  4년 전

Good work guys! I'm going to try and get some content up there. Although, my voice could best be described as being most suited for writing.... ;)

Happy 6 month anniversary!
Keep up the good work! 🎂🍰🍻

Wonderful 6 months! :D What gonna happened after next 6 :D

Dlive is the best Decentralized Platform. I love this DApp and I like create Spanish Content from Spanish Speakers to Spanish Speakers

Keep it tight fam! :)

Amazing platform amazing achievements!! I never streamed live until I recently got a new computer and decided to join dlive as a way to take a break from my art work and designing projects. But it's now turning into something I really enjoy as well and I'm happy to add streaming on dlive as a permenant part of my blog. I'll take a look now at the social media campaign. Thanks again and congrats!! :). (resteemed)


You guys have no idea how much you've changed people's lives and will continue to do so. You've made live streaming accessible to a whole new generation of live streamers....And while we may not be on 'Ninja's' level lol . We're growing everyday thanks to Dlive and it's awesome team!

Thank you for everything you guys do!


Your Live Show's on Monday night's are just Great.... I don't always make it to view live but I do always catch up with the replay and that's a great feature to have, keep streaming on, I love your rant's, reviews and whole approach on Steemit and DLive.

Dlive is very nice and much in love the community thanks to Dlive

it is nice new. I will be the information for Turkish translation.

Congratulations!As a new user , I hope the platform is getting better!


I am so happy to be a part of DLive while this platform is growing. Happy 6 month !!

Wooww... So cool..

Congratulations !

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

What 6 ? Ovv very nice ! Dlive's favorite platform 💪🏼Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers 🎂

Great oportunity And shop,Loving Dlive and the useful great helpful.

Wow this is really nice,I will check the language translation and haven't participated in the campaign yet. Guess this is a good time to start. Good way to Go congratulations on your 6 month anniversary

Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers!
It's great to be a member of this community.

Happy 6 month. Been streaming on the platform pretty much since the start and love all the support I have been getting, Thanks @dlive.

WOHHOOOO!!! I AM HAPPY DLIVING!! WOW!! I am happy to be with Dlive..

Congratulations Dlive! I believe you will grow more each day...

I would suggest for a really fast growth that whenever we the non - English speaking community post our live streaming or videos in our native dialect can get a vote from Dlive, in this way we can encourage more people to join Dlive and post even in our native language.

#InDLiveWeTrust Best Streaming Platform

Congratulations, team @dlive!

I am enjoying video posting :)

Today I translated everything into Japanese!
スクリーンショット 2018-06-13 18.52.02.png

Happy anniversary, DLive.

Happy Anniversary 6 Month DLivers!!! :)

#Dlive Happy 6th Anniversary to you guys... Thanks for your wonderful works in this platform, wish you will bring more and more! @Dlive @ned ..... @aasanka

Wow only 6 month old? I didnt know that. Makes me feel even more like an early supporter :) keep on the good work and lets grow this nice community!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers!

Happy Birthday ! 🎉

Congratulations and Happy 6 months anniversary dear @dlive
Dlive Real Lover.jpg

What makes Dlive better than twitch?

Happy Anniversary!

I started streaming games through DLive and have a lot of fun!

Keep up the good work!

More POWER @dlive #dlive Kudos to the team and God bless you all!!!!!

Happy 6 Month Anniversary DLivers!
Dlive is the best...!


Congratulations @dlive!
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Congratulations on giving us minnows something to appreciate.
Can't wait to see what comes next!!

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It's been really fun helping to build this platform, and learning along with it. The developments are really well thought out, and I'm really excited to see where this goes next.

Congrats to the whole Dlive team!!! I've so loved posting videos on Dlive and thank you so much for your support! Looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months holds!!! I suspect very big and awesome things! 🙌🌟😎🙏

I love Dlive. Congratulations to all of the team for the effort and work put into this. I also really applaud the 'off blockchain' effort and see massive value in what you are doing for the long term viability of steemit and registering 'quality' accounts.

Congrats @DLive!



Good job guy's...

Congratulations Dlive darlings!!

Many thanks to DLive and his team. :)

I wish you all the best and I hope that @dlive will be better and finally the best platform. Congratulations for team.

Happy 6th month Anniversary DLive! 😁 I wish you all the best! I will try to invite more people to use DLive. Thank you for all your support. God bless. 😁

Happy 6 month Anniversary Dlive

#Dlive @ned @aasanka

I tried to Translate in German but there are some Words that have a different meaning for example: "Type" it can be Type in, or it can also mean categorize or a type of person. So without the whole context it is sometimes hard to translate it.

Dlive is cool as fuck. Congrats on the milestone, and here's to halfway to a year!

YAYYYY!! so happy!!!!! love @dlive :)

I like what you do, I am also trying to support every gaming streaming on DLIVE right now as well as I am a streamer myself, but theres only so much I can do and we need more viewers so thats what I am also trying to do, but mostly helping out the gamer streamers :)

DLive has been amazing and I am ever so thankful for what you are doing DLive! Keep up the good work and congratulations :)

  ·  4년 전

Felicidades ;)

Thanks for link for translation i will start to translate in french :D