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DLive Stars is a fortnightly campaign where users are featured in the spotlight and titled with the renowned status of DLive Star. The winners are rewarded with a 60% upvote but this isn't handed out to just anyone, becoming a DLive Star takes effort and commitment, these users of the community do everything they can to produce high quality content and engage with their audience.




Streamer at DLive | Tennis Player

@Datilla first joined DLive and hosted his first stream in January, the DLive Team has watched Datilla progress and improve his streams over the months therefore we are pleased to reward one of the most engaging broadcasters on DLive with DLive Star! Datilla not only hosts amazing livestreams, but he is always in other channels chatting and welcome newcomers to the stream, definitely worthy of the reward!



I am a laid back streamer / gamer with a focus on chat interaction while live.

From Dark Souls to Monster Hunter World you can find @Shadow-fox broadcasting all the top tier games. Fortunately for DLive @Shadow-fox never gives up and keeps trying until he achieves his goals. Congratulate Shadow on achieving DLive Star!



I do a little bit of everything. Biohacker, Gamer, Political ideologist, Philosopher and fixer. Crypto Currency is the future, so happy to be here on Steem!

@Danbiohackingman has proved himself to be recognized as a dedicated member of our DLive community, he is always offering to help others and asks for nothing in return! Danbio is always hosting an quality broadcast whilst engaging with his audience.

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eyy Cheaky, Thank you man :)

Congrats everyone!


WOOOHOOO congrats all three!! It's pleasure to watch your streams! See ya around!

Great job DLive! Spread that love! <3


I love to watch your streams too man, thank you! <3

Congrats to @Datilla and @Danbiohackingman
Also thank you to @Dlive for this honour and to the Dlive community for being absolutely awesome.


Thank you man! Congrats to you too <3

DLive Poland Team and the Polish community, congratulate to the # 11 DLiveStars winners: @datilla, @shadow-fox and @danbiohackingman! Great work Guys ;)
translation in Polish: https://steemit.com/dlive/@dlive-poland/dlivestar-or-zwyciezcy-11-dlivestars


Thank you man, i appreciate that!

Great Work! Keep putting out great content. BTW Dlive star I'm coming for you!!!

Congratulations to all winners!

Heart Felt Congratulations to all the Stars! Great Job you Guys are doing for the betterment of this platform.

Congrats to the winners!

Congratulations Everyone :)

Wow that must have been an amazing experience
nice work bro
very interesting seens

Hey, congratulations guys!! ;)

Congrats everyone 🎉

Congrats guys!!!! ♥

Thank you Dlive team & community!
This is amazing!
Congratulations @Datilla & @shadow-fox!
Dlive & Direct!


its great, congrats to all winner



adaşım beee çok teşekkür ederim

Special congratz to my man @danbiohackingman :) glad you did it :)

Congrats guy !

Congratulations Dlive Stars winners!


Congrats guys great work!

congrats to all. I think its good choice. Personally I really like @danbiohackingman stream he is really good person :)

kudos brothers

congratulations @datilla !! :)

Oh, guys! 🎊 Congratulations 🎊 😊

Congrats to all of our new DLiveStars!

By your leave, especially to @datilla,
Congratulations my dear bro! You already deserved it! 💃 😵

Congrats @Datilla @shadow-fox and @danbiohackingman great job guys at becoming DLiveStars!

Congrats, excellent work. Thak you @dlive for the oportunity.

Congratulations friends, dlive rewards those who really strive :3 I like to be from the dlive family, although in the musical part <3 but I enjoy it a lot like you winners of this contest :3 @datilla, @shadow-fox & @danbiohackingman

I like @datila work Good men i like those people who contribute their effort to DLive and give motivation to new use how to use this plate form and make more user for DLive