Live Streaming Challenges - the Next DLiveStar.

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We are glad to see that we have so many broadcasters joining DLive in the past month. For the past month, we have been fixing bugs reported from the community, but we are still in the middle of the bugs list. We are still in a very early stage, and still have a lot of features to implement for a better user experience. Meanwhile, we believe that users define what makes a good product, and thus, we are also trying to incentivize and cultivate more broadcasters on the DLive platform and collect more feedback from all of you.

Therefore, we have launched another account called @DLiveStarBooster for promoting good content.

Here is the introduction if you missed it.

Thanks for @ned’s delegation (over 1 MM SP) and now we are able to incentivize our users more and make the DLiveStar plan executable! Therefore, we are launching these live streaming challenges. Each tag will be a separated challenge, and we will be giving our rewards based on the following rules.
Let’s see as a whole community if we can push our limit and get DLive to more users/followers, so we can create more high-quality content for the community.

Live Streaming Challenges

Time for the challenge: 1/10/2018 to 1/17/2018 (PST).

The reward vote rate may be varied based on the content quality.

More challenges will follow. We would not be able to be online 24/7, so we

Tag: DLiveStar

  • Reward:

     - 20%~50% vote from DLive. (With the current Steem price is around  $500 )
     - Resteem by DLiveStarBooster.
     - List the streamer’s name in weekly ranking post ( maximum 9 streamers every week)
  • Rules:

     - Competition starts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat from 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm (PST). At 10:00 pm (PST), the top 3 posts on DLiveStar trending win. 
     - Have to be live streaming content on DLive
     - Winning live streaming broadcasters must stream longer than 30 mins 
     - Post with the tag DLiveStar

Please notice that tags are case sensitive.

Tag: FirstTimeDLive

Any first post after 1/10/2018 will be included in this challenge, so even if you have already engaged in live streaming on DLive before, you will also be qualified for this challenge.

  • Reward:

     - 0~5% vote from DLive. (Depends on the quality)
  • Rules:

     - First Live Streaming post after 1.10
     - Post with tag FirstTimeDLive
     - Have to be live streaming content
     - Post must be longer than 30 mins 

Please notice that tags are case sensitive.

Tag: WhatIsDlive

  • Reward:

     - 0~5% vote from DLive. (Depends on the quality)
  • Rules:

     - You can only attend this challenge once 
     - Write a post in Steemit to tell your friends what is DLive
     - Follower of @DLive and @DLiveStarBooster
     - Post with tag WhatIsDlive
     - Post will get upvotes based on the quality
     - Please use @ to mention dlive, so we can find your post in steemit

Please notice that tags are case sensitive.

Quick Tutorial To DLIVE.IO

Many of you reported a “fail to connect to server” bug to us. We discovered that we had a mistake in our previous tutorial session, and thus, we would like to repost the corrected tutorial here:


We are using SteemConnect as our login tool because it makes STEEM login and key management much easier, and it’s officially run by . Here’s the link:


We recommend broadcasters to use OBS as our encoder.

Next, fill in the description information and upload a thumbnail image.
Fill in the post information.

You’ll be directed to your live stream page and see your configuration based on previous steps. At the OBS setting, fill in the setting information based on the information on this page.

Start broadcasting: the “Start“ button on the Dlive page.

2.There should be a button saying ‘starting’, so wait for the system to start your live stream. When it’s finished, press the “Start Streaming” button on the OBS.

3.You can view your live streaming on your profile or in the NEW tab.

After broadcast finished, you can archive the video; you can download it from the ‘recording’ section in your own profile.

Video Upload:

We are also supporting video upload on our websites. To upload, do the following:

1.Click Upload

2.Select a video less than 1 GB, fill out the post information, then press “Submit.”

3.Post the video on Steemit.

At Last

Hope all of you can enjoy our product more!

Please join us in our slack group!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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I too agree.



Mobile apps are always a big help. Especially when Android is included!


i'm new.. Help me, follow me :D


100% right words its better to go with newly and some decent app required here


the best social media website ever seen


Oh yes..that would be awesome @dlive. I do most of my posting from my android phone. So a mobile app for the videos would be so much more convenient.


yes agree with you.


I gave you some lovin! How 'bout you give me some too?


congrats for this rising program of @dlive and hoping more success!


On Android I found the Wowza GoCoder apps works well, just a bit of a pain entering the URL and other details :)


is there android app for steemit ?


yes search for esteem on playstore but its buggy at this point of time.


how to work in wowza coder


Sounds goooood! We are actually thinking about this too, but that's something we might not be able to implement shortly.


Hopefully when the time comes Android will get some love??


i'm new.. Help me, follow me


DLive is a cool idea!
I like it


hi, nice job


Amazing :-))


Support dlive! Some people live porn... it is ok?

Good platform! It is nice to have live service in steemit!

Congratulations to 2 million Steem Power!

I have a few questions:

  1. I find it disturbing that a video is not saved on DLive right away. This creates more work and time for the user. it also forces to make a double post: one for the live-stream and one for the recording. AND it also competes directly with DTube as a video platform. Of course this is your choice and totally legit but feels to me like I have to make a choice. How about you work with DTube for automatic video storage via some api or whatever. You save yourself the trouble of storage and you merge your power with the fastest growing Steem platform out there. You even share the same name in a way. Talk with @heimindanger and find a solution for the beneficiary share. And then just do it and everybody wins.

  2. When will you support more encoder? OBS is nice but I run vMiX for various reasons.

  3. Will you start to use your voting power efficiantly and burn 20% every day just like Utopian and DTube? Because then your platform will explode in the next month. Right now the contest sounds like you are very picky with your upvotes and only use that once in a while. I believe it will be much more interesting for everybody when we know that you will burn your power every single day and people can make real money here. Look at the Alexa rank of DTube and Utopian and how they are shooting up.

  4. Are you Open Source? Can we support you via the Utopian system? In case you are not open source would you consider going public? You can get so much help and support in form of developers, designers, translators and tutorial creators there while all of them will be rewarded automatically from Utopian - AND maybe from you as well. ;)

  5. Are you taking beneficiary rewards from the posts made on DLive and if yes how much?


Hi flauwy,

thanks for those questions! they are very good questions

  1. we are working on this feature now, and trying to make the user experience better, like when user click on the live streaming post, they can actually see the videos even if the live streaming is ended. We are open to cooperation, but need to figure out a way.

  2. This is also on the to-do-list.

  3. Definitely, somethings we are testing out. We are still figuring out how to use the SP smarter, so you can see the challenges are only for this week, so we can adjust and test. We are trying to giving out as much as we can, but not abusing it.

  4. Currently not.

  5. We do not take cut.


Devs are out there with media experience.


I hope Korean will be included in the language support.
Korean people would go wild with Korean translations.


read my posts if you new

Thanks for the update. Dlive seems interesting, just gave it a try and works well. Looking forward to the mobile app so that we can start live anywhere :D

I think, if you develop a mobile app, that will help a lot to people to stream from mobile. I know, its possible from browser also, but normally people tend to have more affinity towards app.


lol, really nice, to much fun. mobile app is a plus!!!


The young generation simply hit the app store, and most are on android. So having an app will create the disruption to go to common people, and bring them to Steemit + dlive : double benefit.


very nice follow you blog thanks..


steemit will rock till 2020


50,0000? You meant 50,000 or 500,000? :P


I can help @Dlive develop an iOS app.


Yes a mobile app that allows screen capture!


yes definitely, the current generation first pick the play store and its easy to use for them. your project is nice and user friendly if you also make their app . keep sharing and your effort will pay you one day..



It is the way things are moving. People always have that trusty pocket computer with them...


Fair point. :)


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this is such a welcoming development.. I hereby orge fellow steemians to embrace it


That's great


exactly sir what am thinking .... if developer develop a mobile app then it will help a lot of people including me to stream from mobile. and i agree with you ... a mobile app would be easier and smooth * thumps up

God bless you

DLIVE is SO awesome


since how long you using



did you use ? this

Great post. Easy to follow and a cool way to get people involved. I may actually post a video! I agree with the others, a mobile app would be sweet!

Dlive is the next Twitch🌐


Yes. It could be.


Hi , please Upvote me Plz

Good to know

Awsome ....go the app

We just tried and hosted our first live session in dlive, however, I do not see the recording, at all. There is an option to download, but it looks like it will work after 24 hrs.

I hosted the live session using the laptop webcam, so there was no way to see how it was showing up live even :) , I thought, I would see it after we finish.

So next time, we will have to record and go live, it seems. Or use another external camera, to record, so that we can see the live session in the laptop ?

Thank you @dlive for this post and thanks to the guys that created the #dtube hashtag. YouTube is being put on notice! It is now possible to post one's videos and get paid without having to stick a code or wait for a host platform to approve monetization. Steemit is disrupting processes and this is just the beginning. Thanks again @dlive for this post.

my basic question is how Dlive can be used for self promotion

Just tried out the platform twice. Sadly cant take part in the challenge as it will be 4 am here. Hope to see more incentives :P

nice post^^



Streaming challenges are very interesting.

Cant wait to try out DLIVE!!! Excited and thank you for the post!



did you notice they asking for active key instead of posting key ??

Now I got it 👌🏼

Live streaming challenges should be gentle.

Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
resteemed and shared in the steemit

Interesting. Is it part od dtube?

Being live to the world is most difficult thing to do but its good.

great post my dear

hello, @dlive
Upvote & Re-steem



Keske ingilizce bilsemde anlasam :d

Awesome news. :)




You can play World of Warcraft in Dlive as you told before.


Yup, been waiting to stream on dlive for some time.

Hope my new PC arrives soon for some more high-end games!


You don't understand. This post is epic. Did you see what happened in the first five minutes? Incredible...

Holy shit! When you see the citation generated on this post!! I wonder what the higher curation in the world is

Hola bienvenido a esta maravillosa comunidad espero sea de mucho éxitos para ti y puedas aprender cosas nuevas te saluda tu amigo @juan24

Great post and initiative! @dlive

Holy cow way to go! You made $981.20 inside of the first 5 minutes of posting this and with just 11 votes!!! That's amazing!! You went straight to the top of Trending!


Crazy right?


Super crazy! It's like special magic powers or something!


That's because of the delegated SP lol

I use dlive some time ago, and its works great. thanks for writing this great post.

Exciting feature is implemented through this step the steemit will easily dominate the Facebook. Upvote those who like steemit more than Fb

yes, it is very interesting and I will share this post and I feel dlive worth to develop, so that people get to know Dlive. this great post I will share and I can slightly expand this post ... success always Dlive.

Woooooot been waiting for something like this. I’ve started up over half a dozen streams and the quality is pretty good. Nice to see a push for this platform. I’m excited!!


Sounds great! Looking for your live streaming and your participation for the challenges!


I’m so sad I won’t be able to participate during this one. I’ll be on vacation! Will you hold another challenge later in the month? Or Feb!


Oh no, but yes more challenges will follow.

Different day, different innovations.



Amazing !!

nice post

This is great ,streaming has always been fun
But this is about to make it better

wow thanks for the important info..
resteem this post!!


so important!

Great news for all of us. @dlive Thanks a lot for all the hardwork in making this happen.

i will stream live this night =) on Fortnite game i think :D nice info nice contest and thanks for sharing

very nice and very informative post. i followed you because u always share valuable content,keep sharing such posts.very good, i like it.
Follow me @mustafarazy

OMG, it hurts that I do not have PC for mid-range games much less high, a game of magic the gathering will serve? lol

Waooo Amazing Post @dlive I just Follow you for More Valuable Posts

This is the one which i searched that's great Dlive feature.

This is great stuff! Thanks much.

This is amazing 🌠🌠

i liked you post. i want to study you post. thanks friend.

Nowadays people seems use mobile more often that their laptop or PCS so I guess it's not bad to have apps.

Thank you for the useful post, will know for the future! I have been surfing around on the internet to find out what will be the 2018 blogging trends and vlogs are in top 3 everywhere! So those who did not start their vlog, highly recommend to do so- actually when I have started and even got obsessed with it- it’s so fun to edit it, add music etc. !!

Thanks for share great work i appreciate

gotchu with an upvote baby

Interesting. Never streamed anything myself but this is making me want to take the plunge.

I'll echo what someone else said re: streaming on mobile. Having to use our computer limits the cool stuff we can do.

But I know, baby steps.

Guess I'll figure out something to talk about for 30 minutes...

I already use other platforms. But did not use dlive anytime. I will use dlive. Thank you.

Thanks for organising the contest which aimed at boosting steemit activities. Keep it up. I follow and upvote you.

Good to see this, keep it up. Good stuff mate.

Future will be so bright as Dlive, carry on @dlive

nice to see there are many possibilityes to earn crypto :) unfortunately i have a bad pc so no streamerino from me yet :/ but good luck for all of the people making us content and il hope to join the fun soon too :)

@dlive Thanks for using my stream in this post! Is there a way for you to make trending videos go to the main page my stream has the most upvote but isnt showing on the main page. I like how you guys made it so all the new streams are on the front page but it should still keep the trending ones there too. Maybe i have been streaming to long haha.Keep up the good work much love hope this message wasn't to confusing haha. Also tremendous thanks for the upvote!

How great, amazing

@dlive you are this shit excuse my language

I tried to join last month but never got to upload due to a error dlive it always clears the upload blank. : (

looks great.. nice post :) please visit my blog too

In this conditions I think I can prepare a post for DLive to intorduce it to my 1600+ followers.

hi @dlive i am a software engineer as well and i appreciate your work . go for the mobile app also it will help alot of people. i am your new follower and also new on steemit please follow back and upvote.

mh keep steeming it up my ppl this is why i love this place thank you for your great content @dlive

steemit will rock till 2020

Been thinking about streaming for a little while now, seem you have made my mind up for me :D

i like you're blog its really helps me a lot...tnx

  • What a clever man you are, I'm proud of you..😎

This is such a great post. I need to learn more about DTUBE.
I need kind of easy to digest vlog or something. Thank you in advance :)

Its great new...awesome.

if you develop a mobile app, that will help a lot to people to stream from mobile, Because normally people ted to have more affinity towards apps

Good look dlive

This is crazy ..following you

Hey guys I'm new to the community please follow my link and help steem my post thanks.

This is a school, loaded with do-it-yourself instruction manual. Pretty happy to know such pedestal is here for those interested broadcasters. I'm sure we'll take full advantage of the opportunity and tutelage. Great thanks.

Awsome post now go for the app

I enjoy competition. I enjoy challenges. If a challenge is in front of me and it appeals to me, I will go ahead and conquer it.

I'm finalizing a panel discussion on this Saturday at 11am EST. It'll have a few prominent Youtubers, and deves for dsound and dtube. Want to join us? Come find me in discord and let's talk about it.

@dlive your such great posts I wish your support me Steemit thank you

This is gonna lead to something big for this community. So making it more interactive and up for grabs like an up is a brilliant way to go!

This is good. Thank you @dlive for this opportunity

loved your article

ill use dlive for good content thanks for this

I'm going to list aall 100 ++ video from youtube here..
thanks for your info .. ^_^


sir your post awesome...)
tell me please sir how i increse my reputation and please help me to tell how to earm steemit dollar.

Couple of questions for clarification: These are three separate contests, right?

Are the winners of the star contest determined by view count or reward amount? How are reward amounts on dlive even calculated? Does this model discourage poorer streamers from streaming and participating, like steemit's model sort of does already? If so, how do you plan to address the issue of large accounts dominating smaller accounts on your platform?

Also, what do you mean by "quality" for the second and third contests?

If you write a post, but have very few upvotes and followers and your steam power is low, should you bother to write an article at all? Can you still receive an upvote from this contest if the content itself is informative and helpful for explaining what dlive is or how it can be used?

Thanks for the opportunity and the platform, just wanted to know a bit more what the chances are on all of these contests.

I would like to participate and I see that the time for the live stream is past my bedtime. Many of us I am sure would like a chance to live stream any time of day and get a good percentage upvote!


I agree with this. Thank you for speaking my mind @jerrybanfield .God bless you. Soar higher


@jerrybanfield That's pretty funny Jerry. Like an upvote will make your career. Aren't you getting close to the top of the world? I can understand using the platform but the "upvote" aspect is little over the top. 73 reputation. On the verge of making the elite 20, if you haven't yet? At least you are on stand by or an alternate. Not that you haven't earned it quit the opposite. In fact my only witness vote went your way, due to having earned my respect. But, an Upvote really? HILARIOUS! :-)

sir may i follow you

failed to connect to server..

in the event that you build up a versatile application, that will help a considerable measure to individuals to stream from portable. I know, its conceivable from program additionally, yet ordinarily individuals have a tendency to have greater proclivity towards application.

We've got alternative for yt and now also for twitch. Great keep it up !
Maybe call it Dstreem

Nice post. I'm following you right away.I'm happy if you follow me😊

this is a very good breakthrough, I really like it. @dlive

very nice and very informative post. i followed you because u always share valuable content,keep sharing such posts.very good, I am happy to share kind your important imformation.
By regular read your post i known more about steemit imformatio..
Go ahead
many thanks to you this like shareing,
Cool to see posts like this that support our content creators. Amazing to see how much traction this one gained!
Follow me @mustafarazy

When I klick EYE icon under STREAM NAME/KEY it doesn't show up! There is only 8 digits visible word. Is it broken or it suppose to be visible??

PUBG trending game in 2017 - 2018

Friends may I have your attention please. My profile reputation score(rank ) fell down from 30 to 13. So please anyone tell me what is the reason


This is just a guess but it might have to do with you posting irrelevant questions on another user's post. Do you do that a lot?


resteem the post....

Excellent, I love that it is possible to encourage and cultivate more stations on the DLive platform and thus obtain more comments from all Steem users.

Already join Slack Group ;) !!

I use OBS so as soon as I saw that I got really excited!!

I am the first time on steemit blog, please give freedom in my comment! Do not back off before the fight. I see the privilege of steemit @locer76

I'm new here. Need support. I subscribed to your excellent blog, please subscribe and you are on mine. Thank you!

Thank you a lot for sharing this method.

Your 1 vote make a new life I am facing financial problem

everytime I get excited with these type of events....

@dlive thank you for constantly bringing awesome and informative content. Keep doing great things for Steemit. Invite you to stop by and vote on a contest I am doing called "Together We Build" it is a great way to help our Steemit community. Thank you.

Well, I tried. I either failed hard at setting it up, or the website demands more instructions or... something? I might try again when I have more time to come poke you in the steem chat or slack group.

What's the deal with all the messy tags? Also, I can't edit it on steemit without messing up the tags. Which should I keep for dlive and which can I remove and replace with something more... common?

Very nice post i always follow your blog.

It's nice to see innovation transform this platform on a continual basis! I'm new to all of this but my grandson gets it! Him and I will begin posting in the near future as live stream is of mega interest to him! Regards, Jeff

New in steemit, help me please!

Would LOVE a mobile app that allows screen capture! I am currently the only drone racing twitch streamer and this would be so much better in my opinion!

Blizzzz. Dlive in , twitch out....

wow this is a lot of comments

Buena propuesta, buena forma de mostrar el trabajo realizado. Así es más fácil de entender porque debemos utilizar a dlive.

Came to know about the DLive from below post
i love the interface and ease of use age. Seems like it is gaining huge popularity with many boardcasters
Keep going on DLive , Keep going on Crypto


Yeah right

I follow you with care and you can help me with your support

Very informative!

Very nice... gonna try this while playing battlefront 2 streaming onto steemit.. would be cool..

Thanks alot

This great
Lets keep it at 100

Dope development. The only issue is deciding which game i wanna stream.

I must commend. You are doing a great Job, keep up with the good work. I am inspired.

I just got approved in steemIt.
My first reply on an article.
Happy to be here ❤
SteemIt is the best 👌

Nice post
Please steemians help steem my post am new in the community

@dlive, you are doing a great and useful job! Thank you!

Enjoy the vote and reward

I really hope that the " Failed to connect to server" issue is in the past.
I'm going to try it now actually.

Great job @dlive, I appreciate all the hard work that you guys are doing!

Just checking

Great work. keep it up!

Not that bad

impressed by the work! Good job with the SteemConnect integration as well.
Any idea on how you plan to sustain with Wowza fees and a scalable solution/model with this 3rd service ?

Cool Challenges #Bravo!

I hope we will be able to use other broadcasters as well. I find OBS Studio a real performance crasher. I stream games with OBS classic with no probs but OBS Studio always cuts frames in half, it's a known issue in the scene. Cant really pls like that. Not with alternatives software though.


Very amazing

@dlive Thank you so much for the upvote!

I wanna go ahead and say this is also a great post on how to get going on #dlive. If you guys need help with videos, on how to setup dlive for first time users, I can most def help, as I would love to see the platform grow.

My next stream will be about how to setup, livestreaming via the dlive platform, live from dlive! Ill prolly go live atleast 1-3 times this week so be sure to check me out again! This is great for the #steemit gaming community and those who like to run podcast and just live stream in general. Love that you guys are taking in suggestions and improving the platform day by day! Great #news to seeing #dlive GROW!

Hugeeeee #shoutout to @ned as well, for getting this platform in the rite direction!

Too more #livestreams & #growing the community!!!!


Sounds great! don't forget to archive those great streaming, so people can also see them afterward!

Good 👌

Oww wonderful video bro.Dlive is to be very nice knocking for steemit user.thank u for your sharing this post.

that is great

Thanks for doing this, will help me in the near future when I plan on making videos

Will you begin to utilize your voting power efficiantly and consume 25% consistently simply like Utopian and DTube? Since then your stage will detonate in the following month. At this moment the challenge sounds like you are extremely particular with your upvotes and just utilize that now and again. I trust it will be significantly more fascinating for everyone when we realize that you will consume your influence each and every day and individuals can profit here. Take a gander at the Alexa rank of DTube and Utopian and how they are shooting up.

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable post on steemit. I am start to following you so that I can upvote your all post on steemit.


This new site and new idea is Amazing. I will definetely use this Website!
Upvote this when you are in my opinion ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Güzel bir çalişma tebrikler.

very nice follow you blog thanks brother

hello @dlive you are doing something very amazing, as the time passes steemit has grown very rapidly and I will also try what you do here. thank you

Wow! I can hardly keep up with how quickly this system is growing! Best of luck to you

ohhoo... LiveStream ! Works good with my account :))


interesting :)

Such a great post bro
Thanks for sharing and
Follow you.

I love these challenges! Is it possible that the fail to connect to server message is because users do not click 'apply' before 'ok' when inputting stream info into obs? Cheers!💋

Congratulations have been a nice and useful sharing, I wish the continuation of their success.

Ok i will join

the balance is positive.

Wow very amazing your post. Good job.

Hello, Please let me know do you have any mobile version? If not please develop android and IO version so we can use it easily thanks.