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Thank you to everyone that participated in our first Refer a Friend Program. During this 2 week period there were over 1,000 accounts created. If you didn't have the chance to participate in this program, but want to spread the word of DLive while being rewarded at the same time, we currently have our Social Media Campaign (#StreamOnDLive) running. For more information click here.


Congratulations to the following people for being in the Top 5, you will each be rewarded with an additional 50 STEEM, on top of your portion of the 250 STEEM reward pool.

  1. @papanero successfully invited 153 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  2. @emiliojmoreno successfully invited 112 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  3. @onlinegamer successfully invited 106 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  4. @fevorx successfully invited 90 people, that met the minimum requirements.
  5. @ertugrul successfully invited 84 people, that met the minimum requirements.

The payouts for this program will be completed tomorrow (Saturday, June 16). In the memo field will be a brief description for your reference.


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thank you Dlive :)

To like more :)

Thank you Dlive <3

congratulation to all the winner,
and also.. wooot awesome @papanero & @onlinegamer :v


thank you king

Congrats to all the new users that have joined in. You guys are gonna be the real winners! Great work to everyone that participated!

Wow that’s awesome! Congrats to to the top promoters it will truly be exponential, those are crazy stats🤩


Teşekkürler abicim😃👍🏼


Galp galp ))


sağolasın abi


Başarılarınız daim olsun )

Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to all the #Winners and for those that have Joined the Platform!

Welcome to @DLIVE!!!!!

Keep on inviting more and more ;) We really do appreciate that! @onlinegamer , @ertugrul, @papanero, @emiliojmoreno, & @fevorx!


Thank you :)

Thank you DLİVE <3

Congratulation on the invite results DLivers. That's a hell of an accomplishment!

So Thank you for bringing more people on board, @papanero & co.


I am happy to invite friends in dlive. thank you @g0nr0gue

Congratulations for those winners who actually need it

Congratulations on job well done ;) @ertugrul, @papanero, @emiliojmoreno, @onlinegamer , @fevorx!

It is amazing to see this kind of the number of fresh members on @dlive! Welcome! ;)


Gratz to the winners

jangan lupa bagi bang :v @papanero

congra to winner great work

good game @papanero your the one

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Wow well done guys!

congratulation to all the winner

Congrats to alllll ! @emilioj @onlinegamer @fevorx @ertugrul and @papanero 153!!! yer the beast! haha and big salute for that.

Spreading ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ one each for y'all ! :D


Most of them are fake accounts with fake phone numbers.


I missed this, if there is another. I will love to participate on the referral program.

I am still waiting to hear about the Ambassador Program

Congratulations to the winners

congrat my friends @papanero n all winner

how to refer a friend?