Update | v0.8.1: Improved Video Experience and More!

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DLive v0.8.1 Update Log

  • Video Format Support
  • Increased Video Size Limit
  • Full 720p HD Support
  • Hover Preview
  • Fanbase Bug Fixes


DLive version 0.8.1 marks a very important milestone for our Video Community. All new videos that are uploaded to DLive will be hosted and transcoded on our very own video service. We will be migrating the older videos from IPFS to our video service, no videos will be lost in this transition. With the implementation of our own video service you can expect a better service, with improved quality.

Video Format Support and Increased Size Limit


DLive v0.8.1 now supports video formats other than .mp4. The supported formats are: .mp4 (x265 not supported), .avi, .mov and .flv.

The size limit for video files has also been increased to 4GB.

Full 720p HD Support


HD 720p videos are now supported on DLive. You will be able to select the quality of the video in the player.

Hover Preview


We added a Hover Preview for videos as a user experience enhancement. The Hover feature will only work on newly uploaded videos. We hope everyone enjoys this feature.

Fanbase Bug Fixes

Fanbase is still in beta but we are excited to see people using the product. We have mentioned this in previous posts, but Fanbase will be fully integrated into DLive in the near future. We are encouraging people to create their Fanbase's today and invite people!

Some of the bugs fixed in this update include:

  • Automatic scrolling to the latest message
  • Character limit increased to 500
  • Miscellaneous Fanbase bugs fixed

DLive Trello


Your feedback and suggestions matter to us, our Development Team wants to hear from you! To get involved in the future of DLive or even to have a view of what we are working on, visit the Trello site by clicking, here.


Visit The Official DLive Store!




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Thank you for the update.
However, there is one request for modification.
korean(조선말) -> korean(한국어)
The Korean word means " 한국어"


Hey, DLive!! Please correct this, too. [[ korean(조선말) -> korean(한국어) ]]


Thanks @danbain, we will be adjusting this.


Thank you Jimmy ! <3 - Dlive to go MOON

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Hello, DLive!! Thank you for accepting the request from @danbain.
However, I want you to solve one more thing.

[[ korean(조선말) -> korean(한국어) ]]

I am truly grateful to DLive for listening to users.
Thank you, DLive!!


We will fix this! Thank you.

That's a fantastic update! I love it!

Shoutout to the developers you have working on this. They're good people.

Successful work.

Thanks for your interest.

Awesome work guys, thank you for continuing to update the platform. Incredible amount of growth in only 7 months! All in on DLive! #StreamOnDLive

Great update, good to see Dlive improving :)

  ·  3년 전

Dlive is best :)

Great news. Just started using Live again, for the second time and what a better moment to do it with this update news. BTW the live store looks awesome! Cheers, and great work.

OMG more video formats! That is amazing! Definitely will be posting more with Dlive now :D I can't wait! Thank you so much!!!

Holaaa muchas gracias :D qué fabuloso DLIVE!!!

The file size and types of formats accepted was absolutely a large hurdle to get over for many video creators. Good job, @dlive. Looks like the floodgates will be opening.

  ·  3년 전

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it is a nice to see such type of improve in dlive.
I am the loyal user of dlive

Incredible! DLive keeps getting better and better!

Finally 720P. Everyday video is coming :D

Awesome work.

Keep at it!

We must admit that we are happy with the next changes proposed by DLive and we hope that there will be even more of them.

Polish translation/Polskie tłumaczenie: https://steemit.com/dlive/@dlive-poland/update-or-v0-8-1-ulepszona-jakosc-wideo-i-wiele-wiecej

  ·  3년 전

Why use this account and not YouTube? convince the superiority ...

Que tiene de especial Dlive que no lo sea youtube?

Porque tengo que dejar Youtube para empezar en Dlive?

Finally HD !!!
Finally 720p

DLive is my favourite again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what ?


It would be great if you could pick at least multiple languages.

awesome update that you present for us.

if you please give a Bangladeshi language in your update, it will be so helpful.

How long do video's remain viewable on your platform?

oooo nice, HD... the file size increase is great, albeit, with 720P max res, is not needed, unless it's a hours long video. great for streamers to upload their games i guess?

Awesome dlive.. i see an update for android too but upload video is still not available?

Posted using Partiko Android

You guys are feaking awesome! Want to see more features 👍

HELLO DLIVE, two days ago I tried to upload my videos and it is not possible, I tried different devices, and even then it is not possible, the video is not loaded :/

Thank you for the update, hopefully there will be streaming from device option soon :-) You guys are doing great! Love ya <3

you are great !!!! @dlive team

i am trying to upload my sculpting video but can't ,, i dont know what is the problem

I Like That

Nice post please grow my blog upvote follow me

I really love how fast and responsive dlive website is :) tipuvote!

  ·  3년 전

Why use this account and not YouTube? convince the superiority ...

Que tiene de especial Dlive que no lo sea youtube?

Porque tengo que dejar Youtube para empezar en Dlive?

Awesome this is really good news because in past day some time i upload video and its not uploaded and in this way too much time waste now i am happy this problem is fixed