Together We Stand Divided We Fall | DOTA 2 | [EN/TR]-60FPS-720p-HQ STREAM

4년 전
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Hi guys, my name is mustafa, i am playing everygame that i can play or can't play, lol, i am playin' DotA 2 right now, and we can play together.
You can feel free to write to chat. i will always help you. You can request song from spotify too. Thanks. Kappa

-I'm sometimes playing music just for stream and i can't hear it, if some problems appear, please let me know

*Stream with Cam
*Chat reader(Turkish)
*Upvote Alert(Music and GIF)
*Interactive Stream(with your commends)
*Request song from spotify
*My Streaming Channel List on Spotify =

My live stream is at DLive

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