Complete Ashtanga Yoga Primary Sequence ~ Time Lapse ~ El Feather Yoga

3년 전


Time lapse of a Friday Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga Practice. More tutorials and lifestyle videos to come here on the Blockchain!

Excited to be bringing this practice which has changed my life to an exciting community here on DLive!!! Please feel free to drop a comment! Would love to hear your opinions and what kind of practice you have or what you would like to see/know more!

This practice takes approx 90 min to complete give or take, here we have it in 3:32! 🤣

My video is at DLive

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Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this! 💞 🙏

yoga, i love it.
and what you do is amazing.


Thank you! Yoga has really changed my life in so many ways (for the better), its now simply a part of who I am :) Much Love my friend 🙏💖


yes I hope you add sexy and add cute.
my love for you too

Yoga, vaya que estilo. felicitaciones. digno de contemplar..


Muchas gracias! Mucho amor mi amigo!

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