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cool video, nice looking bag, wish i had that

yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhh tastes like guerilla glue to me man!

Awesome! keep these coming.

Dropped a 2 SBD minnowpond boost on ya.


Awesome!!! Thanks for the love!!!

I miss growing and am short of herb! Ugh!


come down to SO and we will get a little something!! :)


Already trying to get down there and would love to do a grower profile for you!

And have more family down there too...

And you joining the @canna-curate community? 1200 sp backing it and we are rocking!

Damn it so strange to see legal bud in larger than an oz bag.
Anything mated with chem dawg turns out great it seems like.


aha these were my exact thoughts ;)

love your handle btw. been a while since i pf teked.


I went full Outdoors with the mushrooms. lol
I made some jars back in the day and one monotub.

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First time I ever saw a review. Good job. Times sure have changed.


Right! So epic we are finally breaking out of the old thought paradigm and into the free thought paradigm!!!!


The video is not at all what I expected, so you are correct.

free thought paradigm!!!!

You guys really sounded like you know your product.
My favorite part is when one of you takes a drag and next a huge smile.

I heard a doctor on the radio last weekend saying pot causes psychosis, I turned the channel right after that. Still so much misinformation out there.

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