Dlive!!!! WTF!! Bailed!!

2년 전

So as most of you probably know Dlive is no longer on the steem blockchain. They have moved over to some other token based pay system that doesn't interest me. Steem for life!!! I am disappointed that this happed cause it was my main video platform and I enjoyed the fact that you could go live.

I have tried Dtube several times and it seems to never work for me. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I love creating videos of the cannabis farm and will continue most likely with Youtube if another alternative comes forward.

Steem seems slow at this time, most of my followers are not even online anymore and it seems like there is less votes going around in general. We have to keep it up!! We are the true believers and have a duty to keep this blockchain full of great content!!

Big thanks to anyone who is still with me!! Thanks for all the love and I look forward to more of your epic content!!!!

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Was in Ashland a minute ago. We need to link up!

Voted for sure! And sharing!

Dtube works for me but it is a little spotty & does not upload hd or longer videos very quickly at all. Other than that, works great

Less votes going around right now because people are scared of running out of RC, I have to keep a close eye on mine so I can post every day. Messed up my full refill doing some code testing 😝 they'll start feeling comfortable spreading votes around in a second, don't worry. Vote for me as witness if you want to see more testing for hard forks as well! Cheers!

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