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For those watching after the stream is over, skip ahead to 17:39 for the start.

wow Jeff C you are absolutly GREAT!

by the way did you know , that just 3 days ago Ted Cruz was a VIP Guest by the inauguration Celebration of the US Embassy in Israhell sitting just side by side with Kushner and Sheldon & Miri Adelson & BiBi Netanyahu??.... while ITF= Israe;i Terror Forces murderd 62 Palestinians and wounded and crippeld 2700 more,...and Netta won the EuroVision Song Contest with the song" i am not you Toy", is really totally Fucked up!!!


Next year they will do the EVSC in Jerusalem. In the face of the Palestinians. Pherhaps they will stage some terror event.

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS,...Slaves contolling each other ,..while the 0.1 % celebrate their Victory.

Of course the orange(33) nail polish on Susan Davidsons nails.

Catching up on this now man , seems to be yet another pathetic psy op. They are getting old now.
You would think all the money these luciferian psychopaths have they could actually find some people that can act , maybe train them how to act (just a bit you know haah) and put together something that is somewhat plausible . Its fucking hilarious man. The past like 20 psy ops we have had so little in the way of evidence , mysterious Israeli CCTV cameras in London and USA , crazy times . Why are people not demanding evidence ?
Had a good laugh with the video anyway Jeff , cheers brother keep doing what you do best! #EmbraceTheRainbow hahah

Hi @lavater - can I find you somewhere on discord? I would like to send you some STEEM POWER so you can delegate to more services ;)