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Ayee nice jams bro!!! Just a little while bae!!!! AYEEEEEEE @flountown

@flountown also I am attempting to compile a list of scheduled streams so something to consider. If you ever wanted me to put you on the schedule let me know. I think it would be a great way to bring viewers to dlive and bring viewers to you.

Thanks for the resteem and dono, @davidding.

If your getting sick regularly i would defo suggest to look into a plant-based diet. Health is our most important wealth! Hope this helps you out brother.

i first bought bitcoin at 296... i only bought $5 worth.

yeah that sounds great

no i dont know how to make it go haha

yeah i love dlive man, just want to help it grow. As for that link, ill look at the comments every sunday and make a schedule to post every sunday night. I think I will probably make another post on mondays for people to comment to be added or removed from the next week's schedule

Exactly. I am going to start doing one hour per week to start until we get in the groove of things. I would like to have people tell me to put them on the schedule when they are 100% sure they will do it otherwise a schedule will be pointless. do a 2 strikes and you're out kinda thing. I know people have stuff come up but I would like to find people that are able to make that commitment. I will have them split by category eventually and i really want to have 24 slots filled to make a 24 hour crypto news schedule

do one hour per week I mean one person gets one slot a week

Cool man, spread the word. Yeah you dont HAVE to do one hour, I just would like to see people want to do at least close to an hour

Hahaha bro even if you just wanted to give your "non expert analysis" that would be cool - occasionally read update price info, anything that might be dropping or rallying.

that would be dope. It is funny a guy i know watched my stream on the basics of steemit - i later uploaded it to dtube and he invited me to a blockchain talk to talk about steemit haha

hahahaha..... dicks

it would be cool to get any of the big guys that make daily analysis posts to have a show once in a while

I am not sure. I am in west michigan and he said something about it being in grand rapids which is an hour away. it wasnt like a convention or anything but i guess it is a larger group of people that want to talk about the blockchain and are at varying degrees of understanding of it

yeah i am not a fan of the pump and dump, just solid news prices and analysis

Dlive says they are working on it

Yeah I love Grand Rapids

I stopped day trading and I hodl my favs and throw about a 1/3 in penny stocks. Yeah i sold 5 monero at $10

I also gave away over 100 steem to friends when it was at $0.15

I sold that for 50 and bought a fishing pole...i only used it twice

one friend that i gave 40 to lost her password

my friend keeps selling his and i wish i had the extra money to buy it from him

See, this is my internet

okay good to know it isn't me haha

These kind of games kinda piss me off ahahah

yeah me too. Have a good one!

i actually have my discord link on my blog up on the banner under my name. feel free to hmu there


Roger that.

fyi i am having a little trouble hearing you

I am struggling with Dlive still...but someone said I should try a different browser.
What do you mean you got punished for upvoting yourself?

Hi Brother, is this possible to support me?

Internet is being a dummy. :(

It's a pity that you continue to be punished, I liked reading your content.

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777