Path of Exile - Flashback event leveling

3년 전


Hello everyone! I'm going to play some Path of Exile this week, the flashback event is always a lot of fun. I'll play Solo Self-Found and Hardcore to increase the challenge and the fun factor in the game! :D

I hope you'll enjoy the stream, feel free to say hello in chat or ask anything! :)

My live stream is at DLive

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Good luck with ssf and hardcore for this event. It has been so rippy so far I’m glad I’ve been going softcore. I’ve been rather addiction to just stopping and wanting to do everything. I might have a weakness for Abyss, Breach, Harbinger, and Perandus. If I see them I can’t help myself!


Thanks a lot! I just noticed that you commented here, sorry bout it. :P
Yes, I pretty much felt the same, I was always like 4-5 levels above every zone and I usually play fast :D
A perandus box made me rip at lvl74 like two days, I didn't see it coming :/
I migrated to non-ssf HC since I had a lot of currency but no items lol.
Good luck to you too man! Cheers!

Hello guys, I'll start the stream soon, setting up chat and stuff!

Hi! I playing too in poe ;)

what's your level?

how you can, subscribe my account ;)

great stream man :D great gameplay! have a good one and vote my stream too <3

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