Path of Exile - Warmup for @mattclarke's competition!

3년 전


Hello everyone! There is a great league coming up on the 1st of June, but with it, there is also a great competition that @mattclarke will host!
You can learn more about it here:

I'll start a brand new hardcore char, and will try to practice rushing the game! I'll do an Act 5 run today, a full run would take way too much time for me yet. :P I hope you guys will have fun! :)

My live stream is at DLive

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Don't forget to post your official entry, with your PoE account name and #poecomp as the first tag.
This is going to be a great race :)


Yes, I will probably do it this week, but I will need some more experience for it :P. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing, I'm so hyped lol. :D