Bull Run v.1.2 | Techno Music Video by Greencross

2년 전


Hi my friends. This is the third take on the Bull Run project. First take is here

It's a techno music video made with GIFs scavenged around the internet. Heavy glitch effects have been applied.

Video created 100% on smartphone. With free apps (tutorial coming soon).

Music is an excerpt of "Bull Run v.1.2" an original techno track by Greencross. Broken beat rhythm with electro flavour. No samples used. Recorded live in one take with:

Elektron Digitakt
Moog Minitaur
Dreadbox Hades
Make Noise 0-Coast
Befaco Spring Reverb
RML 432k Distortion Filter
Bitwig Studio



My video is at DLive

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@the-puppet-patch thanks a lot man! it's a combination of free Android apps :) I'll make a tutorial with links to download the apps one of these days. The footage are GIFs converted to video.

@greencross the effects combined with the music is AWESOME! What do you use to make the visuals? It is really cool.