DLive Meet Up: Be a Good DLiver!

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Hello everyone, this is Video Documentation about First DLive Meet Up : Be a Good DLiver.

Here we are discuss about :

  • What is DLive?
  • Follow the Rules [Discord DLive]
  • What is OBS and Set up OBS For streaming

Thanks for the participant :
@dianauliansyah @muhammadarif @dzami @trianzulhaj @jackkie @jazuli @garriga @triandi @ojan3 @edwardfahlevi @tejacode @zulkifli93 @rifki.mufty @muhammad-syahrul @karimanpolio @ardiansaputra @ariefnyak @pengtameng @shiroe @albuluhi @idrisaljusnan @animesukidesu @zulfikarraw @zulfikar17 @muhammadrovi @achyarmuhammad @tgk.jem.asra @waniphotography @starlost @ardiansaputra and Muhary

What's next ?

  • We will discuss :How to Be a Good Streamer on DLive

My video is at DLive

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i really like a show like this, hope it will made it again.

this is a great initiative , this gives me some ideas

Yeah, We will make the next meeting meeting.😊😉

Glah kupi krukuh?