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Never sell! HODL forever!!

@hodgetwins, on behalf of the DLive Team, Welcome!


thank you

Welcome to @Dlive bois!!! @hodgetwins!!!!

Welcome to DLive! If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

DLive Community Team


Thanks @hodgetwins. You guys are doing a great job. Have a wonderful week!

I saw you first one youtube, but only few videos watching, i realize you are real twins and both of you are real, i tought you did some video edit like Jan Claude Van-Damme in Double Impact when split himself in twins, playing 2 roles :).

Great content told through the jokes :)

Sell a bit after the start of mainstream media "cryptocurrency has risen 100x in the last year" news and buy back when it is announced dead by the same publishers. Another proven method is to do the exact opposite of your taxi driver (who reads those news)

Use these with your own risk :)

I always miss your live streams damn it...

I’ve only held stock in companies I believed in and whose underlying company made financial sense on their books. Likewise I’m hodling steem because I beleive in the underlying platform. After YouTube made their changes in payout, that belief strengthened. I’m sure you guys still get paid at YouTube, but just think if even a 10th of your followers were over here!!!

Bitcooooone goin' to the MoooOOOOOooN !

Something wrong with Dtube? Im curious about the difference between the two platforms.

Welcome to DLive!

My favorite youtubers are on Steemit? Yay! ❤️❤️❤️

Although the idea is the long-term investment, because the profit is better, there are always needs to cover, this helps us a little, thanks for sharing!

Haha So THIS is where y'all went to! Hodgetwins in the crypto game! Welcome to DLIVE!

Great advice and great topic to debate on! I am a Hodl

You always Hodl

Welcome to DLive @hodgetwins. Been subbed on YouTube for a while now, keep up the good content.

great advice for the crypto people

Hey love you guys been a fan for years! Glad to see you here on steemit!

  ·  3년 전

Welcome to DLive!

Buy low sell high. Rinse and repeat. :)

gl hf, welcome dlive!

I'm having this debate with myself over ECC actually.

One one hand I see the tremendous potential of this coin but on the other hand I have enough to buy a nice meal somewhere fancy. I'm holding it until 2020 and if this campaign doesn't work out (which I'm sure it will), then I'll bounce

It's been a bit slow lately, which in the crypto world has traditionally meant something is coming. Collect and HODL until the end of summer....I'd bet we'll see some action shortly.

Listen man, you're saying it wrong.... you gotta say, "bit kuwan." Now say it with me. "Bit.... kuwan. Bit... kwan. Bitkuwan. Bitkwan."

You guys never talk about steem tho

nice video dear i likessss your all video... you are goood sir/////

Are you seein' mo' coinz gainz since moving to dLive?

Can't watch this without laughing. Entertaining as hell. :-) Thanks for the great vid and keep on HODLing. :-) 🦊

Cool Video !!!!!!!!!!!! Never sell in the lost!!!! Greets from Germany