Creating Ads for Steem Live Featuring DLive, DSound, and!

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We are now advertising,, and on the Google display network to hundreds of thousands of people most likely to be interested in Steem, @dlive, @dsound, and each day because promoting these apps may be very effective in helping us build the value of our blockchain! Today I am showing how I make these ads live on @dlive based on what we have done already to collaborate on reaching more than 20 million people globally with ads for Steem as seen at

We are funding these ads through Steem power delegated to me as explained at

In addition to these ads for Steem applications, the delegations fund a variety of projects as explained at

Why advertise @dlive,, and @dsound? We are advertising these apps because each provides an opportunity respectively to live stream, blog, and upload podcasts and music that is ten times better for building a following and earning money when compared to other live streaming platforms, free blogging websites, and podcast/music hosting. We are offering massive value to users and our blockchain grows in value when we help bring more users to these applications!

Creating these ads is one of my primary contributions as a full time witness for Steem alongside posting each day and funding projects to grow Steem including hiring developers to build new applications for Steem. Will you please add me to your list of witness votes at because your vote will help me indefinitely to continue serving full time on Steem?

Thank you for reading about this live video hosted with @dlive which I hope is useful today to see how we are promoting the Steem blockchain with ads on Google and YouTube!

Jerry Banfield

My live stream is at DLive

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jb is certainly one of the best promoters for steemit


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pay attention specifically at the section on:
Another important piece of information is the timing affect related to enthusiasm.
Lets get the most effacable affect of money for a campaign.

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This is great for all steemians! SPREAD THE WORD

Sounds like a great idea! Keep up the great work bringing in new people!

Thank you for using your resources wisely to promote Steemit. We all need to do our part by telling everyone we know to try Steemit. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising network.


Your ads actually brought me back to Steemit after I registered and dumped my account. You're doing a great job @jerrybanfield

Steemit community can only be built by steemians


Joseph thank you for sharing how you came back to Steem after the ads reminded you because this helps us see the huge value of doing the ads in increasing user retention as well as introducing new users to Steem! We are very grateful for all the contributions you have made since coming back!


Sorry if I interrupt your convenience,

You are my inspiration.

I believe you are a good person who will help schoolchildren and starving children @jerrybanfield

Last year my friend and I created a community of Charity For Children of the World Generation, which is engaged in social education for children and hunger in order to keep learning for the future,

I have posted on my blog about the Charity For Childrens Community of the World's Generation community. In that post I mentioned your name as my motivator,

If you do not mind, you can appreciate my block for suggestions and feedback so that the Charitable Generation community for Children of the World Generation can continue to help the children.

You are my inspiration.

hopefully you can judge my writing and advise me to keep walking and more children saved from ignorance. I want you to be my teacher.

Thank you...


thank you boss

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We MUST do other things first!!!!!!!

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Wow thats great :)

I have a couple of questions for you and am wondering if you would consider adding me as a friend in discord so I could run them by you? Thanks in advance for your consideration.

This is very good, you are helping the steemit community and all newbies as well,promoting these apps may be very effective in helping us build the value of our blockchain, have already upvote you as a witness, thanks for sharing this with us @jerrybanfield

thanks for this wonderful and helpful information. you are also celebrated for using your resources for the promotion of our dear community

Everybody makes mistakes, nothing that breaks yo neck 😆👍

un-following I cannot build a garden.

*Teacher has entered the room

And now everybody: " Good morning Mr. Banfield, sir!"

very good information I will resteem your information to my blog.

good dlive broadcast learning dsound post thanks for shearing

I came to this lovely steemit community just because of jerry ,now i feel good to be in here & the work he is doing for the community is awesome.

Thank you @jerrybanfield you are like a guru
greetings from



yes you are right. because it is very important for us. this is very good

Hey jerry. Good job man.
So many of my friends trying to sign up on but not processing .... any issue with bolckchain? Can u please check this matter n find out solution.

I find most of your posts very informative, although I do admit find your vids a little... ah... annoying. The info is great, but they do seem to drag on a bit. All the same, they are a great source of info, so, keep up the good work.

Teachers never gat an F

Thanks jerry please guide me if i want to delegate my sp what is the process
and benefit at all? As i am new on steemit...

Really great information...thanks for sharing

I watched your youtube video, I like a lot. And on Steemit your information so useful but I am still new here its too much information for a first time. But i still keep your post live. I upvoted you as a witnees, and can i resteem your information to my blog? Thank you. @jerrybanfield

Always put the thumbnail where you are smiling it is inviting

post is useful.semoga you always lucky

you for might in "might laugh"

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I have not used Dlive yet. I would try it out


Nice Logo! I like that!

What is the program you are using to do the thumbnails?

What do you think about the Brave browser? My son @cushcoast swears by it as it's decentralized

you are great because your work is great
keep it up man

info is very good, I actually have not post on busy. with any of this info i will level it steemit post in app that besides steemit.

good job thanks for the success impormation continues

That is a good initiative,and how does one delegate their sp?

  ·  2년 전

Steemit needs more adv to attracting ppl in!

Nice your post

Isn’t it obvious that a wonderful platform has existed for over 2-years without proper or no ads. If I'm not mistaken over 60% of members in this community joined through direct invites from friends. I really like your idea of advertising the steem block chain In the largest and most visited search engine. I'm certain this would drive new visitors to the steem block chain.

Good job @jerrybanfield. the least I can do now to support you project is to upvote, resteem and vote for you as a witness.

This is a Great blog post, keep up the good work Jerry! Upvoted

All these initiatives are wonderful because they help us grow as a community, we all seek the same end in different aspects. Greetings.

Han ku pateh ka peugah

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This is great

Thanks jerry please guide me if i want to delegate my sp what is the process
and benefit at all? As i am new on steemit.

Awesome news. looks amazing.

Okay mr @jerrybanfield i have to upvote you and reblog you...Please .. Nice article mr..

What a good initiative you just engendered. That will surely create diversification in achieving the common goal

No other promoter of Steemit promotes Steemit better than Jerry. I hope you succeed in this as it is going to help everyone in a way.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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thank you for providing information that is very important, for the stemian is very important things that you say in that post.

Quite agreed to the need. We really need more and more people familiarizing with steem. The numbers will get competition and control on currency. All the best for the initiative. Cheers.

Wou, it's amazing with red shirt, radiant face,

Jerry, haven't heard any updates about Steemjobs in a long time. Are you still working on it? If you need help with it I can lend a hand. Let me know.

very great information.... thanks for information....

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