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Awesome, dude! You have really smooth moves already so must be practising a lot. Dave will be proud of what you have accomplished! I know I am!

Cool it looks like you're figuring out those sticks. And you're lucky you can go out barefoot and walk on the grass. If I went out here on the grass here, I'd get ticks and chiggers, maybe a scorpion or a copperhead snake might bite me.

We have to go outside on our tick gear - long pants high boots and long sleeve shirt even in summer. I'm looking forward to winter already and summer just started here.

I got a bike for my birthday coming up and I have to practice. When I learn to ride it I'll do a video. Maan it's hard to learn new stuff.

You are blessed, your Mom sure does love you.

Kiedis I'm so proud of you for being brave and putting your practicing onto dlive! Not everyone is as brave as you!

Looking good... a little advice.. keep your hands further apart.. but you're doing great.. keep up the practice..

Great job!! Keep up the good work!!

Can't wait for the attempt to music (your mum's music, or even mine Ha!! Ha!!) kiedis, Keep it up Me 0'l Muck'er you'll soon be a Devil Sticks master , like anything else it just takes Time, Application with Determination and I can see you certainly have all the tools at your disposal. Yayyyyy!!!! Much pure love your way. - good post Lyndsay. x x x

Wow Kiedee. so awesome. I hope you can show me more soon. You are going to be so great, just like @davedickeyyall. The floss is great too. When did you get sooooooooooooooooo tall, just like your daddy. I am so excited to see you real soon. xx

Interesting invention. ☺