Little Kobold climbs up the stair.

2년 전


My little princess is rather petite, has short legs and hands... however she's top fit.
Many of her peers in the playgroup were few months younger than her but already much bigger, but here in this video we can see how nimble she is. :-D
Our stair to the 2nd floor is at the corridor and there is a door that separate this coridor from the living room where she normally plays during the day. A month ago she was not yet brave enough to walk independently.
She could walk well but only if I at least held her fingers.
However a month ago she scared me witless when I just went to the bathroom only for few minutes. She was already on the third step of the staircase, she was probably looking for me.
Well...she was actually deeply asleep on the davenport, that's why I dared to leave her alone and didn't close the door tightly. She hasn't dared to walk without help eihter.
It seems that I really underestimated her.
Then I thought that it might be better if we just teach her the safe way for little toddler to climb up the stair.
She might be still 14 month old when she first tried to do it, but she's really clever and nimble.
Yes, one can always install some security measure like a stairgate, but there are babies who are stubborn yet clever & nimble enough so that even a stairgate couldn't stop them at all.
I can imagine that my baby could also be the one like that as she always tried to climb out of her high chair despite the safety-belt.
So it's better if she has atleast learnt the best way to climb up/down the stair as early as possible.
It's good anyway to train her motoric skill and independence.

By the way, she's a low maintenance baby as well LOL. Since her first birthday I nearly never bought any baby snack anymore because she prefer fruits for snacking :-D
And since I'm still breastfeeding, it doesn't really matter if I forgot to bring her water bottle.

And you know what? She prefer biting the whole unpeeled apple instead of the pre-cut one, so it's really convenient for me hahahahaha. All I need to do is to wash it, put one in my bag and...we're ready to go LOL.
Here is some pictures of her enjoying her snack. ^_^

Today she had taken away the cucumber that I just ate from my hand, so it seems that she likes cucumber for snacking too, good girl. :-D

My video is at [DLive](
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Super kleiner Kobold! Weiter so! :)

Ganz schön auf Trab die Kleine <3


Danke...danke... Komm mal doch wieder zu Besuch. ^_^
Sie wird sich bestimmt auch sehr darüber freuen.


Das kann leider noch ein bisschen dauern, aber ich würde mich auch freuen :)

Wir haben hier einen schönen Wildpark :D

Ich finde es schön, dass du hier die Entwicklungsfortschritte eurer kleinen, süßen Kobold dokumentierst :-)

Erstaunlich, wie geschickt sie die Treppe hoch klettert! Bei ihrer Cleverness und Wendigkeit kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass ein Treppenschutzgitter für sie eher eine Herausforderung als ein Hindernis darstellt.

Wie herrlich pflegeleicht und unkompliziert eure Kleine doch ist! In meinen Augen das Resultat eurer Vorbildwirkung und Erziehung.


Ja, das fürchte ich auch, deshalb ist diese Training sehr vorteilhaft. Zuerst habe ich gedacht, dass ihre kurze Beine ein großes Hindernis darstellen würden...aber ich habe mich doch geirrt. Sie klettert wie eine kleine Affe. :-D

Ah! Another great progress of your little princess! It’s good that you decided to teach her how to climb up/down the stair safely. She looks very active and seems not to be tired to go higher and higher to the 2nd floor. She has strength legs and hands indeed.

She is really cute and her voice is so sweet, especially the word “Pa Pa” that she spoke. I also like the way she looked at her “Pa Pa” when she nearly reached the 2nd floor during her first trial. It seems that she sent her sweet eyes directly to her “Pa Pa”. Ah! I think, I can see very warm moment, again! Am I right?

WOW! She can bite the whole unpeeled apple! Really great! Apart from strong legs and hands, she also has strong teeth indeed. Ah! It’s also great that she likes cucumber for snacking, too. Yeah! I totally agree with you, you used the right word! “Good girl”! ;)


Hahahhahaha...yes are a good observer. :-D
And despite only having 8 milkteeth, she can eat the whole apple. She loves fruit so much, she would be happy in Asia LOL.


Ha ha! Many thanks for your great words for me…. ;D

And yes, I totally agree with you, she would be happy in Asia, for sure! ;))

Die Maus ist soooo süss und ich finde, sie sieht etwas mehr wie ein Kleinkind und weniger wie ein Baby aus <3


Yeah, es sieht tatsächlich so aus. Manchmal sitz sie sogar so ruhig und sieht sehr nachdenklich aus...wie ein kleiner Chef. :-D

wow Toll wie Sie das schon macht. Bald rennt sie die Treppen allein hoch! 😁


Ich hoffe sie tut das nicht... Ein Absturz aus der Treppen ist statistisch gesehen kein selterer Fall. :-)
Rennen erhöht sicher die Wahrscheinlichkeit.

So so so süß ist sie!!!

I think she's a brave and stubborn child. Because a sense of brave requires a stubborn attitude, right? (lol) So glad to see she is grow up and fit.
Really she had a healthy life for making fruit as a snack.


Hahahhahhahaa It's probably true... And yeah, with this kind of snack, it's not surprissing that she's not gaining weight that much. But it's ok, as long as she is top fit. :-D


Yang terpenting lincah, Mbak. Salam untuk si Kobold Junior :D

Gemes banget. Aku suka banget sama anak-anak, dari dulu sudah asuh anak kakakku sampe 3 ponakan. Tapi belum punya anak sendiri. ehehe

Putri kecil yang tangguh mbak 😍
Tunggu masuk usia 3 tahun, maka si kecil akan lebih menggemaskan dgn tingkah dan kata2 nya..
Tetap mengawas ekstra mbak ya, takut juga jika ia sampai jatuh di tangga...
Selalu bahagia bersama anak dan suami 👍👍😎


Terimakasih... Diawasi sih pasti lah, cuma kan namanya manusia kadang2 bisa aja meleng sebentar. Anak2 cerdik sekali dan ngga kebayang cepatnya dia gerak. Cuma ditinggal nengok sebentar aja tau2 udah sampe pintu. Ngajarin anak mandiri sedini mungkin adalah untuk ngajarin dia jaga dirinya sendiri ketika ada disituasi yang nggak menguntungkan dan ortunya kebetulan pas ngga tepat disebelahnya.
Anak-anak disini sejak balita mainannya semua diluar, mainan fisik...manjat-manjat, main pasir, lumpur, meluncur, anak playgroup diajak gurunya menjelajah dihutan sudah biasa. Disini anak playgroup dan TK mesti sediain sepatu boot karet dan baju anti kotor di loker TK dan playgroup nya untuk hal kayak gini.
Jadi nggak kayak anak2 di Indonesia yg kebanyakan mainnya di mall dan kebanyakan digendong juga didulang kalau makan.
Disini jg sedini mungkin diajarin makan sendiri, ortu harus siap berantakan, ngga boleh males bersih-bersih jadinya... tapi kaya gitu nggak akan lama...jangka panjangnya enak di ortunya karena si anak tertib bisa makan sendiri.
Makanya kecil2 udah mandiri dan top fit.


Wow sangat keren gaya mendidik anak yg mulai membudaya di sana mbak ya👍👍
Beda dgn kita disini, anak main diluar saja, Uda mumet kepala...
Bisa2 saat TK aja sudah pinter banget...
Patut di coba metode begini, biar anak lebih mandiri dan berani👏👏👏🙏

Schritt für Schritt :) Sehr süsses Video :)
Beste Grüße

Really very nice to see your baby likes to have fruits, most of the kids doesn't like to have fruits but you have to do continue to make a habit, if you don't do this she will forget like my kid. Another things walking, really its an exciting moment for all parents. Best wishes for your kids and have a nice day.


Yes... I think so. I will try to keep this habit. Thanks, and best wishes to you and your kid too.

Waoo this is the babies more and more they surprise us in their growth, never but we should never subertimarlos them since they will show that they do more than what we thought haha greetings thank you for sharing your experience


Yes... it's amazing experience to observe her growth...
It's great that nowadays we can always record everything.

Sehr tüchtig, die kleine Maus! 💪🏻


Dankeschön. :)
Ich hoffe, sie bleibt auch so.


Ganz bestimmt! 😀

Pintar dan lucu banget Jana 🤗

Gemes lihat langkahnya yg berusaha menaiki tangga, apalagi diapernya kelihatan gemuk jadi tambah lucu 😁

Hobi banget makan apel , salut!
Anak saya makan buah aja mesti pilih-pilih...


Dia semuanya doyan, untungnya. ^_^
Pisang sebenarnya juga doyan, tapi kalau ada yang lainnya yang lebih seger dia langsung ogah makan pisang. :-D


Excellent beautiful baby. looking and cute .

Thanks @kobold-djawa
Have a great day

Wow beautiful @kobold-djawa baby. it is i love it. that is great dtube video

she is beautyful .. . best wishes for her.

Awwww, so cute and so sweet cutie.😍😍 I really loved your post @kobold-djawa.

Thanks for sharing this post.

aduh .. beruntungnya emba punya anak seperti ini.
menggemaskan sekali..

what a clever young kobold, at her very young age she knew what is good for herself.. Just continue doing that good attitude little girl:)

Haha how beautiful, I see he likes apples a lot, it's true you never underestimate a baby they always surprise, thanks for sharing, regards ..


It's a she, a girl.. I think It's obvious from the article I wrote under the video, in the video she also wore a dress :)